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It’s We The People. Not We The Liberals

Posted in politics by roving on August 7, 2009

Torture Bush! Kill Bush! Bush is a baby killer. Bush is a Hitler. Pictures of Bush looking like a monkey. Pictures of Bush looking like the JOKER. It went on and on for almost 8 years while the press cheered them on. The right sat silent in public letting their lies and half truths be told throughout the country. Sure, we called them no good bastards in private but we pretty let them do what they wanted.

Code Pink interrupting congressional hearings, protesting outside recruiting offices. Recruiting offices being vandalized.  Chasing recruiters out of schools.

Cindy Sheehan bringing her media worshipers to film her and few people protesting Bush in Texas and reporting on her fake outrage every night.  Her son would had been ashamed.

Left wing blogs saying the most disgusting things I ever heard. Their blogs and the comments should be a pay site 18 or over  due to vulgar language and violence.  They danced in glee when people died. I still can’t get over how they acted over Tony Snow. I never seen such hatred. What kind of parents raised these people?  By the way, is it possible for just one not to throw the F bomb in every single sentence?

Liberals refusing to let people speak by shouting  down any speaker who were invited to colleges they didn’t agree with.

The spitting on, the beating  on, and the name calling they did to the people during the campaign didn’t make the news but the fake stories did like “KILL HIM” (never happen)

Obama telling his followers to “Get in their face.” Obama giving the finger to people he doesn’t like making it look innocent. Every day Obama tells a new lie yet the media lets it slide.

Now the people who have been pushed around, lied to, and intimidated, have said enough is enough. Its time to fight back. We want answers. Not the daily lies being fed to the American people. More and more they are voicing their displeasure of where this country is headed.

The liberals are shocked. The opposition needs to be silenced. So they are starting to send in their goons to townhall meetings. Obama is calling for neighbors to snitch on each other. He wants his followers to get in their faces again. Obama does his part by having his own fake townhall meetings nad news conferences stacked with supporters and the people given the questions in advance so he is able to answer them and look intelligent while doing so.

The liberals are saying how can this be? What gives others who doesn’t believe in what we do the right to speak up? We are the only ones allowed to speak damn it! This is an outrage! How dare they!

Well guess what you liberal lying commies. Its WE THE PEOPLE. Not WE THE LIBERALS. Or WE THE DEMOCRATS. Your going down so get ready.  You had your chance and it sure didnt take long to blow it.  WE THE PEOPLE are taking our country back. We out number you!

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  1. gayle said, on August 7, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    Guess freedom of speech is already gone from America

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