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Messiah’s Do Not Bow

Posted in politics by roving on December 19, 2009

Obama bowed YET again. This time in Copenhagen. Not sure if the guy was Chinese or Japanese. As Obama was going down the line shaking hands, he came across an Asian and couldn’t help himself and just had to bow down  to him.

Earth to Obama: Messiah’s DO NOT bow. People bow  to YOU.  I don’t recall Jesus bowing to anyone. People not only got on their knees for Jesus, one even washed his feet.

Really Obama, your giving Messiah’s a bad name. I have never read your bible the Quran but I highly doubt that pervert Muhammad bowed to anyone. You of all people would know if he did or not.

So just a reminder, people bow to you. please try and control yourself and act like the the  gift to the world you think you are. Your going to disappoint your flock by showing weakness.

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