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The Cigarette Banning Test Laws Have Worked

Posted in politics by roving on March 13, 2010
Ban Heavy Petting
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For years I have been warning whoever would listen that the bogus laws and taxes against  cigarettes and the smokers was a test to see just how far the government could go to take away freedoms and make a buck at the same time.

If a lie is repeated enough, it becomes the truth. Not only is the danger of second hand smoke a fantasy, just to make sure  smokers are even more demonized, they are making up claims that now third hand smoke causes health problems.  I grew up around smokers yet I have no ill effects. Why is that? IF second had smoke was so dangerous wouldn’t smokers breathing in their own second and third hand smoke be dropping like flies? Why not a outright ban of tobacco? I’ll tell you why. They would lose in a court of law.

What they did was slowly and deliberately take away freedoms of not only the smokers but also of business. In my town alone, two bars are closing down due to lack of customers because of the smoking ban. Now the city is receiving even less tax revenue and to make up for it, they will  raise other taxes. There was no uproar because the people have been brainwashed.  Instead of the government letting the people decide if they wanted to patronize an establishment that allowed smoking, the government decided for us and took away freedom of choice and replaced it with force.

The government has their sights set on overweight people. A person extremely underweight would be just as unhealthy as a overweight person wouldn’t they? Are they waiting till they are done demonizing overweight people before they go after underweight people?

In Wisconsin, they sell insurance just for overweight people because apparently they are charged more for regular health insurance.  I know people 100 lbs overweight and they are healthy. Some are just built that way.  Airlines want to charge overweight people two seats instead of one. Still no outcry from the people.  I assume its because the governement hasent come after them…yet.

The New York State Assembly wants to ban salt when cooks are preparing food in restaurants. I guess banning taste er I mean trans-fat wasn’t helping.  New York is so concerned for its people Sen. Kureger wanted to ban ipod use in crosswalks.

To “help” the people the government decided we drink to many sugary drinks so it will “help” us immensely if they raise the tax of sugar.

More and more states are passing laws making it a crime to talk on a cell phone while driving yet I see no difference between talking on a cell phone or talking to your passengers. This law is strictly a money making scheme disguised to “help” the people.  Text messaging, yes, I can see that causing accidents.

Every now and then there is a call to ban perfumes. I’m sure its on the law makers hit list and sooner or later will make it into the banning law.

The banning of incandescent will backfire on big brother because  CFL  bulbs have mercury in them  and will end up being the new asbestos. 10yrs or so from now, they will ban CFL bulbs. Think they will save money? Hardly. They are not very bright. You will need more lamps to light a room or you could  always have a flashlight near you if trying to read a book.

The people sat back and let the government come after the smokers and businesses. Well now they are coming after you.


Health Insurance Questions: Jail Time

Posted in politics by roving on December 22, 2009

Sending someone to jail for not having heath insurance is rarely brought up and when it is,  there are no details about it. I would think this would be brought up over and over.  We can forget about the news mentioning it. They are to far in the tank to bring it up.

I’m still waiting for answers to my questions I posted awhile back.

A married couple with two kids refuse to purchase mandated health insurance. Who does the time? The father, mother, or both?

What if the mother is a stay at home mom and the dad gets sent to jail. How does she survive?  Does the mother receive welfare?

Does he do his time after work and on weekends so he would still have a job?

If both parents work, and they both refuse to purchase health care, do they both go to jail? What happens to their children?  Will the government take custody?  Do they get the children back after time served?

If they send a person to jail for the whole year, what happens when they get out and now have no job?

Will it be a felony or a misdemeanor?

Will it be on their record the rest of their life?

If someone is arrested for not buying health insurance, do they have standing to sue Obama over his eligibility?

Where in the constitution does it say the government has this kind of power?

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Hope And Change Isn’t Free

Posted in politics by roving on September 26, 2009

Not only will Obama fine anyone $25,000  or one year in jail because the guilty party didn’t pay the $1,900 fee for not having health insurance, but Obama will also raid your bank account. There is a provision  in the House bill that calls for an ID card  would allow the government access to a patient’s bank account.

Obama’s goal is and always has been to completely eliminate private health care.  It’s only common sense private health care insurance companies wouldn’t be able to  compete with the government.   Obama’s plan is to have complete control over “his” people.

Government health care will fail.  This is the same government that has paid…

$285 for a screwdriver

$7,622 for a coffee maker

$387 for a flat washer

$659 for an ashtray etc.etc. It just go on and on.

It isn’t just how much the hope and change will cost or the waste of money they will spend, the higher taxes we will pay, shortages due to the doctors who will quit,  the needing to build more jails  and guards to hold the people who can not or refuse to pay the fine, no, the thing that will costs the most will be our freedoms.

It’s a shame that the liberals are so willing to sacrifice their kids and ours future just to get even with “the man.” The same man who give them jobs.

I believe if this does pass and  more people are out of work or maybe their mother is denied a life saving pill,  even more people sitting on the side lines will come out and together we will defeat the communists wannabes in power.

Its For The Children

Posted in politics by roving on September 23, 2009

Bit by bit, piece by piece we are slowly losing freedoms with the excuse of “its for the children.” After all, children are the number one priority.  Or so they want us to believe. I say poppy cock.

The only reason they use the children is because who would protest?  Everyone loves children. We don’t want any harm to come to them. We want them to be happy.

When I was one of the children,

I was able to ride my bike anywhere with no fear. Sometimes we would ride 15 miles away.

I walked about a mile to school every day.

I had a paper route that I delivered starting at age 12 till 15 6 days a week and I had to collect money from my customers which most times I did Thurs and Fri nights.

I bought candy and drank sodas

Went swimming in a pool with a high dive

Baled hay

Mowed yards

Made go-carts. (and crashed quite a few times)

Built forts.

Played cowboys and Indians with loaded BB guns, (no arguments about if we missed or not)

Climbed trees.

Played with fireworks.

Got into fights.

Got paddled a couple times by the principle.

Slept outside most every day in the summer.

Smoked cigarettes.

Drank beer.

Worked at the local factory at age 16 8hrs a day and 8hrs on Sat. in the summer. 4hrs a day during the school yr and 8hrs on Sat.

Worked in a slaughter house picking up the guts and such and cleaning the place.  (almost cut my pinky off though)

Shoveled walks.

0594120 Went into the Navy at age 17 and served aboard a Destroyer.

Well guess what? I’m still alive and kicking.

So how has all of the lets do it for children worked out? Well lets see…

A parent today sends their kid to school at their own risk. Will they be alive at the end of the day.

No respect for others.

More kids today have allergies because their bodies aren’t as immune because of all the sheltering.  My sisters kids are always sick.

Lazy. Kids expect things given to them. My son moaned because he had to a paper route that was only one day a week. Try finding a kid after a snow fall now.

Teen pregnancy is up.

Disrespecting teachers in class.

The dumbing down of children in school.

No longer needing to use their imagination.

The point is, kids are not better off. If anything, they are worse. The government uses the do it for the children for one purpose. To take away the adults rights and to make money. As in the sugar tax, tobacco taxes, etc. It has zero to do with children. Children will smoke regardless if they want to. The government can not make the children be perfect little beings. If anything the government does more harm then good by shielding them.

I for one am sick and tired of the  do it for the children nonsense and tell the truth. Your banning or raising taxes on xyz because we want your money and your rights.

The Closing Of Dealerships Should Tell You Something

Posted in politics by roving on June 4, 2009

With GM and Chrysler closing down a good chunk of dealerships tells me they know their future isn’t bright and could be doomed.

How can a car company on one hand say they will come out of bankruptcy a stronger car company yet barely have any dealerships left to sell these cars? Who will want to buy a car they may have to drive miles to have warranty work done on it? Who is going to want to depend on the Government for warranty work? Everything they touch turns to dust.

GM and Chrysler must know they will lose a fair amount of customers because they took our money and gave it to the unions. A fair amount of customers will refuse to buy a car from them because now the government owns the biggest share and will be running it no matter what they claim. They will refuse to buy just for the principle of the whole thing. GM and Chrysler know this.

I for one am the proud owner of a brand new Ford. I will never buy Chrysler or GM and I’m not the only one. Looking around my town, I see people driving new Fords more then any other car. The Focuses and Fusions seem to be really popular. Its rare I don’t go more then a few blocks without seeing one or the other.

My job depends on the health of the car makers. I see 90% of work needing to be done for Ford, some for Toyota, and a few small orders for GM and no orders for Chrysler.

GM and Chrysler are finished I hope and even though my job depends on them, I don’t care. Its the principle of the thing that matters more.

Get Even Over Cigarette Tax

Posted in politics by roving on March 13, 2009

Once again big brother goes after smokers by raising the tax on tobacco. Allegedly the extra tax money will go to children health care. The problem is, there isn’t enough smokers to pay for it. They would need 2 million new smokers to cover the cost.

Yes, I smoke. I quit for a year but craved every single day of that year. I have quit many times. A week here, a month there, yet always fall back to smoking.

Well, now that the cost of cigarettes are really beginning to take a chunk out of my paycheck on top of big brother trying to dictate mine and everyones life by claiming second hand smoke kills which is a lie, which I always knew was a lie because I grew up around smokers and there is nothing wrong with me. Now they are claiming third hand smoke kills. Just having the odor on a person will put others in a early grave! Give me a break.

When I had quite, I went to a doctor due to a pain I was having. The first thing out of his mouth was, “Do you smoke?” I said no. Well I just made his job a little more difficult because now he has to come up with a real reason for the pain. Doctors are lazy and just want to blame cigarettes on every little health problem that comes along.

To all you smokers, tired of being hassled? Tired of paying for everyone else’s health problem? Want the Government to go after what a non smoker loves to do since they seem find with the Government going after smokers?

I haven’t tried this yet but will most likely do this for a few reasons. One because its way cheaper then buying cigarettes and doesn’t have the poisons in them. Only nicotine and a vapor that looks like smoke. Second, would it be cool to walk into a restaurant and “light up” and watch the reaction? You can smoke anywhere you want because its harmless.

Check it out.

Lets Call Him Lance

Posted in politics by roving on December 28, 2008

Work has been bad. Before laying off, the company decided to share the pain and knock us down to a 32hr work week when needed. What good paying jobs that were out there are now gone. Plant closings or moving out of the country.  NAFTA hasnt worked so well for us in the upper midwest.

Now we also have the temp service scam. Back in the day if a person was out of work they simply went to the unemployment office and looked at the list of job openings and the people who worked there would also help you find a job.

There is this guy I know. Lets call him Lance. Lance has been on SSI for at least 15yrs. He has every ailment a person can think of. If you tell him about your own illness, he will top it. He used to go get checked every 6-9 months for lung cancer because he swore he had it. I could fill a whole blog just listing what he claims he has.

Right now he says he has a back injury. Sometimes he uses a wheelchair, sometimes he pushes a walker around, sometimes he carries the walker like up some stairs. I have seen him carry a cane then start using it right before he reached the door to go inside the doctors office.

The point is, because work is slow and may be for awhile, I’m making less. We didn’t get a raise this past year yet Lance did. I make less, Lance makes receives more.  We work our butts off so Lance can sit at home and complain the state and government is screwing him over.

No Lance, your the one doing the screwing. What about us who go to work every day and pay taxes?  Where is our break? You haven’t paid taxes in your whole life.  You hit the jackpot. You actually had the gall at one time to mention wanting kids then asking how much more money you would get.

Lance receives free medical, food stamps, breaks on all utilities, pays cheap rent, and gets money to boot every month.

Lance will always have that. Lance will always have a roof over his head and be taken cared for.  The working people who work  providing for Lance have no guarantees.

This country is so ass backwards.

Note: This is not towards people who legitimately are on SSI or welfare. I know there are people who truly need it and others  deserve it yet have to jump through hoops to recieves the help they need.  This is for the people we will call…Lance.