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Snow Once, Shovel Snow Three Times

Posted in politics by roving on December 28, 2009

Man made global warming has passed over NW Illinois and dumped 15 inches of snow on us. a couple inches melted before we got another 4 inches.  Throw in some freezing rain here and there makes a person want to grab AL Gore by the nose, shove his face in a snowbank and ask him to explain this.

Okay. It snows. The snow plows drive by going faster then they should which throws snow smack dab onto the sidewalk.  You grab a shovel and set to work. The snow isnt bad to shovel unless a plow throws all the extra snow, salt, slush, and ice right on top of your walk. Its the equivalent of shoveling cement.

You start with a positive attitude and begin to clear the sidewalk so the whole walk shows. This lasts for about 5 minutes when you decide a path is good enough.

After 45 minutes of hard work making a path you finish and go back into the house so you can now work on getting the feelings back in your fingers before going to your real job. Meanwhile the plow goes flying by throwing it all back on your sidewalk.   You have just shoveled for nothing.

This last time it snowed, we played games like this 3 times when I decided I had enough and refuse to shovel what the plow threw back on my walk. Let the city fine me. I did more then my part.I am not going to keep shoveling over and over because of one snowfall.

Some have it even worse. Like people living on a corner. They not only have twice the area to clear, the plows like using corners to pile up the snow. Some piles can be taller then a person and the city expects the homeowner to take care of it.

I wonder how many have had heart attacks shoveling what the plow drivers threw on their walks or driveways.  I can almost see the plow driver seeing someone struggling to shovel their driveway and looking in their mirror as they go flying by laughing at the destruction they caused.

I would like to go by a snowplow drivers house after a snowfall. I’ll lay odds all they have to shovel is what fell from the sky.

if the city has a problem with my walk, they can bring the plow driver here and he can shovel what he threw on my walk.  If that was done, you can bet they would slow down.

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