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Health Insurance Questions: Jail Time

Posted in politics by roving on December 22, 2009

Sending someone to jail for not having heath insurance is rarely brought up and when it is,  there are no details about it. I would think this would be brought up over and over.  We can forget about the news mentioning it. They are to far in the tank to bring it up.

I’m still waiting for answers to my questions I posted awhile back.

A married couple with two kids refuse to purchase mandated health insurance. Who does the time? The father, mother, or both?

What if the mother is a stay at home mom and the dad gets sent to jail. How does she survive?  Does the mother receive welfare?

Does he do his time after work and on weekends so he would still have a job?

If both parents work, and they both refuse to purchase health care, do they both go to jail? What happens to their children?  Will the government take custody?  Do they get the children back after time served?

If they send a person to jail for the whole year, what happens when they get out and now have no job?

Will it be a felony or a misdemeanor?

Will it be on their record the rest of their life?

If someone is arrested for not buying health insurance, do they have standing to sue Obama over his eligibility?

Where in the constitution does it say the government has this kind of power?

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