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DNC Wants RNC To Sign Joint Civility Suit. (With A Straight Face)

Posted in politics by roving on March 27, 2010

The DNC has no proof of which party has shown”violence” against the democrats by throwing bricks through democratic office buildings but are working on the assumption Republican supporters are the ones doing it even though there are a lot of real Democrats along with most of the country also against the health bill. The Democrats with their fake concern wanted the Republicans to join them in signing a worthless piece of paper that called for “elected officials of both parties to set an example of the civility we want to see in our citizenry.”

“We also call on all Americans to respect differences of opinion, to refrain from inappropriate forms of intimidation, to reject violence and vandalism, and to scale back rhetoric that might reasonably misinterpreted by those prone to such behavior,”

If I were to document all the violence from the left against the right, I would need to open up another blog account so I could continue with part two.  If the Democrats and the media cant show its the Republicans throwing stones, they just make things up like saying they spit on Representatives and call them the N word. (Still waiting on the Video to pop up all over the place of that happening)

Maybe I can be of some help to the Democrats:

There was a movie made about assassinating a sitting U.S. President. Oh wait. That was done by the left against Bush.

Seniors were spat on, shoved, called names, police cars vandalized, dumpsters burned.  Opps. That was done by the left during the Republican convention.

Sarah Palins church was burned down. The gas line and phone lines were cut. Children were inside the church. Dammit, again, by the left.

A vice President contender was hung in effigy. Crap, that was done by the left to Sarah Palin.

Protesters with signs and yelling about wanting to  kill a sitting president.  Wait. That was towards Bush.

The vandalizing of military recruitment offices. The left again.

The shouting down and forcing Conservative speakers with threats of violence  to leave stages in colleges. Lefties. After all, only the left is allowed the privilege of free speech. How arrogant of the right not knowing that.

The assassinations of Lincoln and JFK by guess who. The left.

The hangings of blacks in the south, being against civil rights of blacks, and in favor of segregation. . Democrats of course.

Voting in KKK member Byrd for Senator  and who is still serving. Democrats

Voting in a Kennedy who let a woman die a slow horrible death while he covered his tracks. Yet again, Democrats. Hey Ted, bet you wish you have a nice cool glass of water about now.

Shots being fired at Lou Dobbs house. Lefties again.

Burning down of buildings and torching car lots in the name of the environment. lefties yet again.

By a complete sheer coincidence a shot fired in the air finds its way into the window of Republican’s Cantor campaign office.  Amazing! Who by the way says he receives threatening emails often because he is a Jew and we know how much the left hates the Jews.

The MSM calling every day  normal people terrorists.  Wishing certain Republicans death or illnesses on national TV.

The vile things Bill Maher says about Christians and Republicans on his show and the lefties clap and laugh.

Read some of the comments posted in the Huffington Post sometime. Oh, wait. Don’t do that. You may find its leftards who post the hate filled rhetoric. We can’t have facts shown by the right. Thats a no no. DO NOT GO THERE.

Nancy Pelosi calling Americans who disagree with her Nazis.

Wanting Conservative talk radio shows shut down so the people will only hear the White house talking points and  propaganda from the left.

Taking everything Rush Limbaugh says out of context and “making things up” yet says nothing about what people like Ed Schultz says on his radio program…and TV.

SO you Democrats with your fake concerns, you do not fool me at all. You people own the word rhetoric.  Before you blame the right, look in the mirror.

Beware Of The Tea Party Protesters

Posted in politics by roving on March 3, 2010

Mark Williams of MSNBC says the tea party people want to kill Jews, blacks, and women.

“The tea party is nothing but angry white racist rednecks filled with rage.” so says E.D. Kain

New York Times columnist: Tea Partiers are terrorists

Ed Schultz: “Tea party people are ignorant hateful wingnuts.”

House Democrat leaders say Tea partiers are Racists, Nazi, gun nuts.

I ask anyone who watches  MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, reads the newspapers, who are the real racists? Who are the ones who keep bringing Obama’s race into their stories? Who are the real people we should fear?   Why do they continually seem to want something to happen to Obama when they know darn well, its their side they should be worried about.

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Obama The Magic Negro. Get Off Your High Horse

Posted in politics by roving on December 30, 2008

56067216The liberals are all up in arms over the tape Obama the magic negro.  Doesn’t the country get it yet? Only the left are allowed to joke and  speak freely.

As far as I’m concerned Obama and the liberals have made racism moot. Obama and his supporters  used raced throughout the campaign. If you don’t vote Obama your a racist yet fail to point out  90% of blacks voted Obama. What does that make them?

As for the magic negro, they also fail to mention it all started with a editorial written by David Ehrenstein of the LA Times. Who by the way is a Democrat. He is the one who called Obama the magic negro. Rush Limbaugh took it from there knowing the left would lay the blame on him and the republicans.

georgebushofficialpostcard2The liberals continually call the Republicans the party of hate and racist yet ignore  or refused to be informed because if they did, they would find its been the Republicans on their side the whole time. Its been the Democrats who continually try and keep the minorities down. The Republicans fought for civil liberties while the Democrats fought against it.

I read the comments in blogs from the lefties when Tony Snow died and it was disgusting what they were saying.  For such a supposedly caring people who want justice for all, they sure never show it. I wonder if his family saw what was written. Or his children.

The magic negro tape is a parody. This is not. The hate the left shows astounds me at times. shootofficers3 This is why I will never be on the left. To much hate for others. I wouldn’t want to meet one in a dark alley wearing a support Bush shirt or anything pro life. That is when the the peace loving liberals show their true colors.

thumbnailaspx They are all upset over a parody but things like this is alright. The ones who want equal justice for all and are for the people think  this is funny.

The things they said about Sarah Palin were downright disgusting. It makes me wonder what kind of parents raised people like that.  Do they actually think they are funny? They pretend shock over a parody yet think the skits on SNL or every other liberal comedy show are funny when they attack the right.They sit back just waiting for someone on the right to slip up, say the wrong thing. If  Democrat says anything racist or degrading, oh, its nothing. Get over it.  Instead of promoting free speech, they try to suppress it. Unless its them doing the talking of course.

All I can say to the liberals, get off your high horse. You don’t fool me at all.