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Donald Young And Larry Bland

Posted in politics by roving on March 16, 2009

Two names. Two men. Two gay men. Two gay men who attended Trinity Church in Chicago. The same church as Obama. These Two men  were murdered  less then thirty days apart.

It has been rumored Obama and Young were lovers.  Look at Obama and tell me he isn’t a bisexual. I could tell from the moment he opened his mouth and stuttered his first words. (not that there is anything wrong with that)

I find it a coincidence the two men were murdered right before the primaries season. I wouldn’t put anything against Obama or his flock. They have shown how mean and dirty they can get by having their so called truth squads, trying to shut down radio stations to prevent people from hearing the truth, and the violent tendencies his flock have demonstrated.

I can see Obama doing anything to get to the top. Look at who all he has discarded like they were nothing to get to where he is now. The minute someone is no longer useful or may make Obama look bad, they are gone and I think Donald Young would have made Obama look very very bad. Bad enough that Obama would have dropped out of the race and more then likely the end of his political career. Maybe Young wanted the world to know of his love. Maybe Obama didn’t want to take the chance of Young announcing to the world  of their relationship. It is very convenient Donald Young is no longer in his life.

Obama had Leo Donofrio, the lawyer filing suit against Obama in fear of his life. Web sites anti Obama being shut down, blogs being scrubbed, and computers being hacked. So is it so hard to believe someone close to Obama committed murder? I don’t think so. I wonder where Ayers was the night Donald Young was murdered. Obama has some very very violent “friends.” Men who have killed before.

Larry Sinclair  had given a affidavit to the Chicago police department stating Donald Young had called and text messaged him all the way up to his death. Sinclair suspected Young was calling and texting on Obama’s behalf trying to get information from Sinclair for Obama’s use. Sinclair says the only way Young could have gotten his number is from Obama.

How is it Wright announced the death of Young to his congregation BEFORE Young was pronounced dead? Why has it been over one year since anything has been heard about this case?