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Obama’s “Pubic Hairs Were Shaved”

Posted in politics by roving on August 1, 2009

Larry Sinclair has written a book. A book about Obama. A book about Larry having sex with Obama. A book about Obama and Larry doing drugs. A book about Obama being involved in murder.

Larry says he is sending a signed copy of the book as a birthday present to Obama.

I admit when I first heard about Larry Sinclair I was skeptical but I found it strange he isn’t being sued for libel. Larry has been very vocal about his relationship with Obama and very persistent. I have read as much as I could about Sinclair and what he has gone through and I’m convinced the man is telling the truth.

exerpt from Larry Sinclairs book:

“…Barack is uncut, or uncircumcised. He was at most approximately eight to eight and a half inches in length. The girth was thin in nature and had a hook to the left (when facing him). Obama’s left testicle clearly hangs lower than his right (the testicle hangs lower but is not larger or smaller in comparison to the right one). His pubic hairs were shaved. The most telling part of Barack Obama’s penis is that under the head in the split he has (three to be exact) small pimple bumps. The bumps are not pimples per se, but are under the skin and lead downward on the shaft…”

What say you Obama??

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