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America Loves Communism

Posted in politics by roving on March 31, 2009

At least thats the way it would appear. Polls show people agreeing with Obama going only where Communists go. By firing the CEO of GM.

I mentioned in previous blog Obama will not only limit CEO pay of the banks he will come after all of us. Well there is  a bill called the “Pay for Performance Act of 2009,” Which by the way has passed the Financial Services Committee last week and will be going before the full house.

dcexaminer: For now it will be implemented on  any company in whom the government has a capital stake, including those that have received funds through the Troubled Assets Relief Program, or TARP, as well as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Oh by the way its retroactive.

In addition, the bill gives Geithner the authority to decide what pay is “unreasonable” or “excessive.” And it directs the Treasury Department to come up with a method to evaluate “the performance of the individual executive or employee to whom the payment relates.”

I’m telling you this is just the beginning. Obama will be coming for all companies.  All employees.

Next will be health care. Obama will decide if your sick enough to receive treatment. If your to old to be worth helping. Obama will decide what treatment to will get.

Mark Levin has thousands show up for his book signings and the book cant stay on the shelves very long before being sold out. Levin, Rush, and Hannity all have high ratings on their radio programs. Fox news ratings smear all the other competitors. So how is it Obama’s poll goes up? Is the poll suspect? I find it hard to believe the American people are that stupid and gullible. If the polls are correct, I blame the Obama loving media for not telling the whole story and purposely hiding other stories.

I know of a guy who voted for Obama and it appears he is having second thoughts about him. I tried warning him Obama is a Communist. Now he is beginning to see it with his own eyes…little late I would say.

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The Democrats Are Clueless But Have The Mouse

Posted in politics by roving on February 14, 2009

Democrats have blocked the development of new sources of petroleum.
Democrats have blocked drilling in ANWR.
Democrats have blocked drilling off the coast of Florida.
Democrats have blocked drilling off of the east coast.
Democrats have blocked drilling off of the west coast.
Democrats have blocked drilling off the Alaskan coast.
Democrats have blocked building oil refineries.
Democrats have blocked clean nuclear energy production.
Democrats have blocked clean coal production.

Democrats are all about power. Power for themselves. Tell me again how the Democrats are for the people when they are bound and determined to keep us at the beck and call of foreign oil?

Every single time I go by the windmill farm outside of town, I have NEVER seen them turning. NEVER. Our local college used to have four windmills but took them down due to lack of wind making them unfeasible to maintain.

So, how is it Obama is going to break us free of foreign oil? Outlawing cars? Because that is the only way he could if he refuses to let us go for what God put on earth for us to use. If everyone owned electric cars we would have blackouts because of the lack of nuclear plants to handle the load.

Obama wants to create jobs (so he says) yet instead of the possible millions  that would be created with energy, he prefers spending $30 million to protect a mouse. The Democrats deny its in there but since when has a Democrat told the truth? Shawn Hannity insist it is in there. I tend to agree with Shawn. Its most likely hidden like they usually do.

52,000 prisoners could be set free because of, ready? Health care. There you go. Thousands of jobs to build more prisons and hire guards. Oh wait. The Democrats need $30 million for that mouse damn it.

Obama claims 400,000 thousand jobs will be created. Or is it 4 million? I don’t know. He keeps changing it. What he should of said was 400,000 thousand or 4 million (if even that) TEMPORARY jobs will be created. Also seeing as how its jobs working for the government, they are financed by our money. So how is this supposed to help? We pay for the jobs and the workers. This bill is going to cost way over a trillion dollars.

But hey, lets do it for the mouse.That’s whats important.

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A Conversation With A MSM Listener

Posted in politics by roving on February 13, 2009

This person has brought up the greatness of Obama to me a few times and I bit my tongue letting him tell me about the crap he  repeats from listing to the MSM.

He came up to me a couple days talking about the stimulus plan and how great it was. Bush really put this country and economy in a mess. I didn’t point out to him the fact the Democrats in congress has been in control of 2 yrs and that’s about the time things started going downhill. Obama has never won a office fair and square. He always uses the courts, lies, and money to get into office. The man has never told the truth. Every day there is a new lie coming out of Obama’s mouth.

Just today there were two bold face lies.

1. He was going to post ALL bills on the Internet for everyone to see for five days before there is a vote.

2. Caterpillar told Obama if the stimulus passes, they will re-hire laid off workers.

When he started blaming Bush that was it. I told him Bush and other republicans  three times or more tried telling the democrats what was coming down the road and they just brushed him off. Obama himself had a role in the banks failing.

I told him this so called stimulus bill is nothing but pork and isn’t going to create any jobs. Obama is doing what they did during the depression and all that accomplished was to drag out the depression. What happens when the roads and bridges are built? Then what? He comes back with, “I don’t know.” and “Well their all crooks.” As if somehow this makes it okay.

What he didn’t know when I asked him was Obama had all his records sealed. His birth certificate, medical records, and college papers. I’ll lay odds Obama was not born here. Even if he was, he is still disqualified because Obama’s father was born in Kenya.  He also didn’t know there are now some Representatives coming on board with a lawsuit trying to force Obama to release his papers.

Guess what he said after that? Ready? “Well, we need someone who is good for the country after Bush.” I looked at him in shock. I had to remind him of this thing that millions have shed blood for. The CONSTITUTION.

Is it any wonder Obama was able to buy the election with so many mush for brains who rely on MSM for their information out there? It reminds me of trying to talk to a little child.

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America Suckered. Obama Is Next

Posted in politics by roving on January 27, 2009

Obama has never won a office fairly and squarely. He has relied on courts, voter fraud, and airing of dirty personal secrets to bring down his opposition. In every race Obama has been voted into office, he was losing. If it wasn’t for the media being in Obama’s corner for president, he would have lost that too.

The media made sure to keep pushing for McCain and the voters fell for it and he became Obama’s and the media’s easy victim. Obama could say whatever he wanted and McCain refused to attack Obama.

There was so much voter fraud and voter intimidation happening I wonder how much closer the votes would have been if they were counted over. I think it was a lot closer then Obama thinks.

Obama doesn’t love America. He despises it. Look at who he hung around with. All America haters. He has said the U.S. constitution is flawed more then once and the media wasn’t fazed in the slightest.  The first person he calls when getting into office isn’t the Prime Minister of England or any of our close allies. No, the first person he calls is a border line terrorist. President Abbas. Obama signs the order to close down GITMO, wants to give THEM constitutional rights and bring them onto U.S. soil.  He has made it harder for Americans to gather intelligence information. Obama wants the tax payers to pay for international abortions.  When exactly is he going to get around actually doing something for the American people?

Obama wants to give his first speech oversees in a Muslim capital.  Anyone notice anything? Anyone? In the first few days he has put Muslims before Americans. Now he sits down and talks to  Arab TV network Al-Arabiya and precedes to bash the United States…again. He can’t help himself.  Obama is a Muslim and he more then anyone knows there is only one way to please the hard core insane Muslim. Convert. Obama can sweet talk them and apologize for the U.S. all he wants. It will do no good.  According to the Muslims we must die for the simple fact we are not Muslim.

Obama thinks the only one who shouldn’t be punished for being rich is himself. He has the media fooled into thinking he likes them when they are just a tool and they will turn into his number one enemy as the media will soon find  out when the time comes and they finally open their eyes.  Right now the newscasters and reporters look like fools. Its like watching state TV.   By the time they wake up it may be to late though. I wonder if the reporters and newscasters ever watch themselves after being on the air?

The media are the first to jump on the first amendment rights when it effects them but  were silent when Obama tried silencing others right to the first amendment.   Now Obama is beginning to show his irritation to the media for asking harder hitting questions when all he wanted to do was shake hands.

Obama became the first “president” not to show up at the Salute the Heros Ball. Not to mention this past summer when he decided to shoot some hoops instead of visiting the injured troops.

Obama reminds of of a Chamberlain stepping off a plane waving a worthless piece of paper in his hand.

Countries like Russia saw how weak Obama was going to be by his response when they invaded Georgia. I’m sure they along with other countries that don’t exactly love us are ecstatic Obama wants to size down the military, dismantle our nukes, and the banning space weapons.

The people and the media who voted in the Kenyan will find out they been suckered but the Muslim countries will see Obama as the sucker.

The Seven Laws Of The Obamanation

Posted in politics by roving on January 24, 2009

The First Law – When Obama makes a mistake, it is either ignored, or if it happens on a too public occasion to ignore, it is actually someone else’s fault. See Obama’s oath.

The Second Law – The United States government is now first and foremost a tool for promoting Obama’s cult of personality.

The Third Law – Despite the media’s already uncritical adoration of him, Obama will seek to bypass and subvert the media, to place his most valuable asset, his public image and his ability to shape the public’s perception of him, under his control.

The Fourth Law – Spread the worship around. Obama’s success in part owes itself to the ability to make others emotionally invested in his success, for generational or racial or political reasons. Obama’s secret is that he has no investment in their success.

The Fifth Law – Join up now. Belief is best implemented through action. Believing in a leader and actually working under him in some effort are two different things. Expect to see many more volunteer and community service programs, that will further embed tens of millions of Americans into the Cult of Obama.

The Sixth Law – The old way is the new way, and the new way is the old way. Some of Obama’s followers are slowly realizing that his progress and change simply mean repackaging everything that was in a new basket with a shiny new bow. Obama has no new ideas, as a matter of fact he has no ideas. He has plans, but they are not based on serious policies or the welfare of America, but his wishes and the wishes of his backers.

The Seventh Law – Never mention the Emperor is naked. The real secret is just how weak Obama is. Obama’s constant need for worship is a symptom of that weakness. So was his inability to stand up to Blagojevich and Burris. He surrounds himself with stronger men, because he is nothing more than a hollow image projected on the stage for everyone to worship.

For more in depth description to the seven laws go to SultanKnish

Barack fools us

Posted in politics by roving on January 23, 2009

Toronto Sun. by Michael Coren

Whole world will pay for America’s electoral mistake

A young student friend e-mailed me on Tuesday night.

“Have locked myself in my room because the place is full of little idiots — who cannot spell Barack Obama’s name and could not name one of his foreign or domestic policies — running around screaming obscenities about George Bush, conservatives and how Sarah Palin is a bitch. I love democracy!”

Even so, the people spoke. A victory for the hysterical Oprah Winfrey, the mad racist preacher Jeremiah Wright, the mainstream media who abandoned any sense of objectivity long ago, Europeans who despise America largely because they depend on her, comics who claim to be dangerous and fearless but would not dare attack genuinely powerful special interest groups. A victory for Obama-worshipers everywhere.

A victory for the cult of the cult. A man who has done little with his life but has written about his achievements as if he had found the cure for cancer in between winning a marathon and building a nuclear reactor with his teeth. Victory for style over substance, hyperbole over history, rabble-raising over reality.

A victory for Hollywood, the most dysfunctional community in the world. Victory for Streisand, Spielberg, Soros and Sarandon.

Victory for those who prefer welfare to will and interference to independence. For those who settle for group think and herd mentality rather than those who fight for individual initiative and the right to be out of step with meagre political fashion.

Victory for a man who is no friend of freedom. He and his people have already stated that media has to be controlled so as to be balanced, without realizing the extraordinary irony within that statement. Like most liberal zealots, the Obama worshippers constantly speak of Fox and Limbaugh, when the vast bulk of television stations and newspapers are drastically liberal and anti-conservative.

Senior Democrat Chuck Schumer said that just as pornography should be censored, so should talk radio. In other words, one of the few free and open means of popular expression may well be cornered and beaten by bullies who even in triumph cannot tolerate any criticism and opposition.


A victory for those who believe the state is better qualified to raise children than the family, for those who prefer teachers’ unions to teaching and for those who are naively convinced that if the West is sufficiently weak towards its enemies, war and terror will dissolve as quickly as the tears on the face of a leftist celebrity.

A victory for social democracy even after most of Europe has come to the painful conclusion that social democracy leads to mediocrity, failure, unemployment, inflation, higher taxes and economic stagnation. A victory for intrusive lawyers, banal sentimentalists, social extremists and urban snobs.

Also a defeat for one of the weakest presidential candidates in living memory.

Why would anyone vote for a man who seemed incapable of outlining his policies and instead repeatedly emphasized a noble but, if we are candid, largely irrelevant war record?

He was joined by a woman who was defended so vehemently by her supporters when it was cuttingly evident that she is years away from being, and perhaps never will be, a serious candidate for senior national office.

Most of all it was a terrible defeat for democracy and the United States. A politician of nothing defeated a nothing politician and a credulous electorate screamed in adoration. I fear we will all suffer very much indeed.


Its a shame some people from other countries can see through Obama yet our people fell for the nothingness of Obama.

I dissagree with his statement about Plain. If that’s who he is talking about. She was 95% more qualified then Obama and we would have been 100% better off if she was in the White House instead of the commie we now have.

Obama Voter Knowledge

Posted in politics by roving on December 13, 2008

by John Ziegler

As part of a forthcoming documentary, “Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected,” I commissioned a nationwide Zogby poll of Obama voters (512 Obama Voters 11/13/08-11/15/08 MOE +/- 4.4 points; 97.1% High School Graduate or higher, 55% College Graduates). The results follow.

Results to 12 simple Multiple Choice Questions

57.4% could NOT correctly say which party controls congress (50/50 shot just by guessing)

81.8% could NOT correctly say Joe Biden quit a previous campaign because of plagiarism (25% chance by guessing)

82.6% could NOT correctly say that Barack Obama won his first election by getting opponents kicked off the ballot (25% chance by guessing)

88.4% could NOT correctly say that Obama said his policies would likely bankrupt the coal industry and make energy rates skyrocket (25% chance by guessing)

56.1% could NOT correctly say Obama started his political career at the home of two former members of the Weather Underground (25% chance by guessing).

And yet…..

Only 13.7% failed to identify Sarah Palin as the person on which their party spent $150,000 in clothes

Only 6.2% failed to identify Palin as the one with a pregnant teenage daughter

And 86.9 % thought that Palin said that she could see Russia from her “house,” even though that was Tina Fey who said that!!

Only 2.4% got at least 11 correct.

Only .5% got all of them correct. (And we “gave” one answer that was technically not Palin, but actually Tina Fey)

Is it any wonder Obama was elected? The media made sure the people were dumbed down.

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