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If Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Silly, Why All The Eligibility Bills?

Posted in politics by roving on February 18, 2010

Several states are working on introducing bills that will require presidential candidates  prove they are eligible.  Arizona not only wants the information from the candidates but wants state officials to double check  them. Other states have contacted Arizona to find out more about their bill.

Well gee. Why are states introducing these bills? They never thought of doing this before. Why now? Is it their way of saying us birthers may have a point? Maybe it bothers the states that Obama has not released any of his documents like it bothers anyone who has even half a brain.

I don’t expect Obama to run for another term but if he would, what would the people think if he decided to skip any state that has the eligibility bill in effect?  What possible excuse could they come up with? Would Levin, Beck, and the others have their orders to be silent or make fun of birthers  be allowed to talk about it?

What about the MSM? I wonder if they would somehow ignore Obama skipping states to camapign in. There would no way to spin it for Obama.

When or if it comes out Obama never was eligible to be president, there is a whole lot of people who have a whole lot of explaining to do.

Anyone with even an once of common sense knows something is very very wrong when anyone running for president puts every one of his documents under lock and key.  The talk show hosts and MSM are so intimidated they refuse to even bring that part  up. I cant help but wonder why not. My guess is they know if any of his documents are released it will lead to his not being a natural born citizen.

These bills being introduced is the states way of saying they will let Obama do himself in or not bother running again because they know…


Fellow Birthers, Your Not Crazy. We Are Growing

Posted in politics by roving on February 12, 2010

The polls show more and more people are questioning Obama’s eligibility.  Even in CA As Obama’s popularity drops the polls will only go higher.

Once again while listening to the radio, the host said Obama has proven beyond doubt Obama was born in Hawaii and once again came up with zero examples.

When people like Beck or O’Reilly do cite “evidence” they bring up the image of a COLB Obama posted on his website, the birth announcement planted in the paper, and the wishy washy statement from the Hawaii Official that really didn’t answer the question. This is all they have.  Only an idiot or someone  desperate to keep sleeping dogs lay would use that as evidence. Obama being president has been very well for talk shows and Fox News.

I don’t think they are idiots. They have their marching orders.  Put down anyone  questioning Obama’s past or your out of a job…or worse.

Its very very odd not one big time radio host or anyone on Fox News bring up the fact that Obama through executive order had ALL his records sealed right after being sworn into office and to this day is fighting the release of his records in courts throughout the country.  Very odd indeed. Remember during the campaign Fox News was told to lay off Obama for awhile.

Obama’s own Grandmother said she was in the hospital room when Obama was born in Kenya. Some laughingly claim she was talking about HER son.  Soon after making that statement the Kenyan government surrounded her hut and kept reporters away.

A respected African  newspaper did a story about  Kenyan born Obama running for Senate.

The Hawaiian paper also had a story which called Obama Kenyan born until they cleaned up the story.

The Kenyan government sealed all of Obama’s records. (or destroyed)

The Kenyan ambassador said it is already well known Obama was born in Kenya.

Obama has seen and held his birth certificate yet releases a COLB. Why? (because that is what is issued to children born overseas)

The COLB has been discredited by three different  experts as being a fraud. Link 1 /Link 2

Fact check is unreliable because they have ties with Obama.

At the time Obama was born, anyone from from the states or from another country could obtain a Hawaiian COLB.

Anyone can have a birth announcement put in a paper and not live there.

The address given with the birth announcement has been proven Obama never lived there.

One of the many social security cards numbers Obama had/has show he was born on the east coast. Numbers found by a private detective who retired from working in Scotland Yard.

Not one doctor, nurse, aide, or hospital has come forward claiming Obama was born there.

Obama’s sister says Obama was born in one hospital, Obama names a different hospital.

There are no records in any hospital in Hawaii showing Obama’s mother or Obama had ever been admitted for ANYTHING.

Obama told a marine he met in 1980 he was born in Kenya.

You get the idea.  If everything was put up against Beck and the others arguments, well, they look a little silly. It just proves the point. They dare not let information get out. Its as if they all received the same talking points.

The biggest clue there is a cover-up is the FACT not one of the big shot TV or radio personalities will not even discuss the fact Obama has released ZERO documents and has lawyers working around the clock to keep them that way.  The birther “facts” outweigh the after-birthers “facts.”

What say you O’Reilly?

Where Is The Proof Obama Was Born In Hawaii?

Posted in politics by roving on March 16, 2009

The new phrase the Obama blind sheep have for people who want to see his birth certificate are “birthers.”  It was tinfoil hat. I still proudly wear my tinfoil hat. I wonder if birthers  will make into the dictionary some day. I like birthers. It has a good ring to it.

The one thing that bothers me about the sheep is they call us names yet NONE have come up with any proof Obama was born in Hawaii. They always ask us where is the proof he wasn’t.  Open your eyes sheep. It doesn’t take much research to find the evidence is overwhelming Obama was born in a distant land. Yet there is no evidence he was born here. Even the hospitals in Hawaii have no record of his mother ever being in any of them.

The so called COLB has been proved a fake. His social security number shows he was born on the wrong coast. His selective service papers are a fraud. He refuses to open any of his records so how can the sheep know for a fact Obama was born in the U.S.? If they have the proof, please show it. Obama has lied over and over. Why believe him when he says he was born here? Didn’t Obama mention he would discuss his birth certificate after the election? Why hasn’t he?

The news media keep saying Hawaiian officials have said they have the birth certificate and it shows he was born there when in fact that was never said. Its like Sarah Palin never said she could see Russia from her back door.  All they said was they have seen it.  If it showed Obama was in fact born in Hawaii, why wouldn’t the officials add that little tidbit in the statement? It wouldn’t have taken much of a effort. They didn’t say it because the birth certificate says he was born elsewhere.  Some actually think because the Honolulu  Advertiser published a birth announcement that confirms it. Come on sheep, surly your all not THAT gullible. Your the ones who are beginning to sound more and more pathetic.

If only one state would pass a law that anyone running for president and that includes Obama, had to show eligibility who suddenly decided not to run again or decided to skip that state, THEN would you wonder why?

I think the birthers have done more then enough to show Obama was born on foreign soil. Now its your turn to show us he wasn’t.  Can you do it? I doubt it.

However, it makes not one bit a difference because Obama had a father who was not born in the U.S. and there is no way any of the sheep can argue that fact.