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Obama Dissed Our Allies, They Dissed Obama

Posted in politics by roving on October 3, 2009

Yesterday was a good day. Hearing We lost out on the Olympics put me in a good mood. One reason was because Obama and the media had egg on their face. The other reason, being in Illinois, I know the whole state would suffer from the games being in Chicago. The windy city is to corrupt. Our state is broke and Mayor Daley would only put us deeper in the hole.

Obama couldn’t help himself and still trashed the U.S. while begging for the games to be here. Michelle sacrificed herself for us. Ever notice how its always about the Obama’s? Michelle tells what she thinks is a sob story. The real sob story is  the poor blacks who had the misfortune of using  the hospital she was a member of the board of. Even more disgusting is the rat infested, no heat, and crumbling low income housing Rezko built for the poor with the help of Obama while a mile away Obama lived in luxury.

Obama is going to take away the protection of our allies leaving them open for attack or invasion by Russia and or China. Maybe a missile strike by Iran. The world has always look on America as someone who will protect them. A deterrent so to say to countries who cant be trusted.  Obama has told them to take a hike. Your on your own.

Yesterday they told Obama to take a hike. Mmm mmm mmm.


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