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I Hope Michelle Obama Isn’t Going To Be Punished With A Baby

Posted in politics by roving on June 23, 2009

Captures I hope Michelle Obama is just getting plump and not pregnant. We see the slobbering love affair the press has with the Obama’s now. Can you imagine what would happen if she was pregnant? You think they don’t report the news or ask hard questions now? Wait and see what happens if Michelle is expecting. Everyone may as well just turn off the news because that is all that will be reported on.

Iranian protesters beg Obama to help them. Say something. Show that he is on their side while people are killed fighting for justice. Obama invites the Iranian diplomats to a BBQ on the 4th (While North Korea threatens to fire a missile towards Hawaii)  Obama goes for ice cream. Maybe a quick round of golf.  A young woman is shot dead doing nothing but standing there while Harry Smith gushes over Obama being a dad to the country. Obama doesn’t want to be involved in the fight. A least not until he can see for sure which way it will go.

Obama is either a coward or he doesn’t believe in  freedom or justice for the Iranian people unless it somehow benefits him because he has plans for the U.S. to be under a dictatorship. He has already started with all his czars. The taking over of companies. Wanting to say who earns what. Forcing people to be volunteers. Forcing those of us who pay for our health insurance to pay for ours and those who have none. If its against the constitution, Obama is for it.

If Michelle is pregnant, this country will go down even faster because there will be no press to question any of it.


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  1. gAYLE said, on June 24, 2009 at 4:59 pm

    I just wish it was possible for barak to be punished with a baby

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