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Talking To The Clueless Is Surreal

Posted in politics by roving on March 23, 2010

There is a man at work who is 100%  pro Obama. When Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize he came to me so he could gloat. He asked me if I had heard Obama won the prize. I said yes then asked him if he knew what the prize is for and what has he done to deserve it?  He couldn’t answer the question. I then asked him if he knew Obama was nominated only a couple weeks after being sworn in. All he could could come up with was “Well, Obama is going to make us liked around the world.” I told him that isn’t  the purpose of the prize. A person had to of already accomplished something.

This is your typical Obama supporter. Totally clueless. I can’t really blame him for being clueless. He doesn’t get on the web and gets all his news off the TV.

The surreal part is trying to tell a clueless person about Obama, what his purpose is, and what he has done. It sounds so unreal it makes me sound like the idiot. I mean how can a person who has done what Obama has done get elected in the first place? No normal American would want to touch Obama with a 10ft pole. Hes poison. His preacher, his friends, even his mother. All poison. I warned him during the campaign Obama was a border line Communist. He just laughed it off.

He likes this health bill Nancy Pelosi bribed other democrats to get passed. When I told him our premiums are going to double and triple starting next yr he doesn’t believe me.  I told him doctors will be quitting or forced out of practice because they are going to be taking a big hit and will not be able to afford to stay in business.  With in the next few years we are going to be seeing health insurance companies closing because they cannot stay in business covering everyone. Do the math.  I told him I was upset because being 100% pro choice except in the case of the mother being in danger, I have to pay for abortion of women who use it as birth control. His response, “You’re just saying that because you don’t like Obama.”

This man gets angry at people on welfare or scams SSI. He just doesn’t get it. Our premiums and taxes are going to go up so even more of our tax dollars will cover people who can’t or wont buy it themselves.

I was talking to another person. This person watches no news. She also doesn’t read the paper. She says its all bad news so why bother. When I told her  we all will eventually be getting out health care from the government she thought that sounded good. I told her the problem is, there will be rationing because this country can’t afford it. There will be waiting lists to see doctors. People will be refused life saving drugs because of the expense. Her, I turned around. Lot of good it does anyway because she doesn’t vote.

The problem is, the guy does vote and there are clueless millions just like him who also vote.

Try it sometime. Go up to a clueless Obama supporter. Tell the person about who Obama hung out with, his beliefs, all the czars, the lawyers who defended terrorists that are now in the justice department, how he is getting our people killed in Iraq and Afghanistan because of the rules of engagement, how Obama said he wanted to bankrupt coal mines,  how he wants our electricity bills to skyrocket, the many many lies Obama has told.

Tell them everything and you will see how surreal it is.


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