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All That Blood Shed For Nothing.

Posted in politics by roving on March 18, 2010

All that blood. All the people who died for our freedoms at home and on foreign soil. All the people who saw the horrors of war. All the countries that looked at the United States for a voice against tyranny.

It looks like Obama may illegally and unconstitutionally force Health care down our throats. A lot of good it will do because when  doctors were polled, over 40% said they will either be forced out or will stop practicing medicine.  With a lack of doctors, comes rationing and lines. With caps on medicines, profits wont be big enough to work on finding cures.  Our health premiums will be anywhere from$12,000-$15,000 a year.  (I now pay $1500) 700,000+ jobs will be lost.

Obama will  be hiring over 12,000 new IRS agents to enforce the mandated heath care on the people. You refuse to buy health insurance, you will be fined. If you still refuse, you go to jail. I still don’t know who does the time. Do they haul away the father, the mother, or both? Once in jail, I would assume they would lose their jobs. So then what? What happens to the the children of the parents? Are they put in a foster home while the parent(s) do their time?


Said the constitution was flawed. His followers didnt care.

Wanted gas prices at the $7 gallon mark. His followers didn’t care.

Said babies were a punishment. His followers didn’t care.

Was for new coal mines but pledged to bankrupt them. His followers didn’t care.

Felt we didnt have the right to stay too warm in the winter and too cool in the summer. His followers didn’t care.

Tried to silence free speech. His followers didn’t care.

Spent 20yrs in a racists church then lied saying he never heard the hate speech. His followers didn’t care.

Hung out with home grown terrorists. His followers didn’t care.

Attended Jew bashing parties. His followers didn’t care.

Tried stalling troop movements in Iraq before the election. His followers didn’t care.

Called for turning in people for speaking out against him. His followers didn’t care.

Wants to track our cell phones and emails. His followers don’t care.

Obama says he doesn’t spend a lot of time worrying about what the rules are. His followers don’t care.

Obama is bankrupting kids who have yet to be born. His followers don’t care.

Has Communists in the White House. His followers don’t care.

Hired lawyers who voluntarily represented terrorists for free in the justice department. His followers don’t care.

Bows down to foreign powers. His followers didn’t care.

Turns his back on our friends. His followers didn’t care.

Will not allow the American flag raised in Haiti. His followers didn’t care.

Goes overseas and bad mouths the United States. His followers didn’t care.

Told lie after lie. His followers didn’t care.

Our enemies laugh at us. His followers didn’t care.

All that blood and lives lost for nothing in just one short year. You Obama people should hang your heads in shame


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