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Will God Save Us Or Destroy Us

Posted in politics by roving on March 1, 2009

I dont go to church, I haven’t read the bible in a few years, I did used to watch a few televangelists until they started getting arrested one by one.  I do believe in God though and sometimes wonder when he is going to take all our protection away. My personal opinion is on 9/11 God showed us he can and will lift the protection   if things don’t change.

Well so what did the people do? They elected a man who is the complete opposite of God. A man who thinks HE is God. A man who gets a cheap thrill wanting babies to be aborted at will. A man who every time he opens his mouth, a new lie comes out. A man with blood on his hands and who has a lot to answer for when his time comes.

Maybe there is hope. Maybe, just maybe God will step in and put an end to the madness of a USURPER running this great country that no longer feels like a great country. It makes me sick thinking about all the lives lost defending this country and constitution only to have a man elected who seems bound and determined to destroy us.

It has gotten to the point of being drained from the hope of someone stopping Obama and waiting for the media to snap out of it and start reporting the truth,  then the feeling of hopelessness, I’ll grab onto just about anything.

Lame Cherry also believes in God and prays to him. Lame Cherry says God gives signs of what is coming and the latest gives me some hope. Again.

“I have been receiving a series of messages from the Holy Spirit. Sometimes it is about my personal life and sometimes it is about national events, so it takes time and prayer if I invest it to track down the full meaning. I have not tracked down the full meaning, but I do believe a removal of an American leader is on the horizon by the hand of God through powers behind the scenes.

For three messages within a week, I have received about the last kings of Judah, or the vassal kings. These leaders were appointed by the empire of the day Babylon and removed by that empire when they rebelled or failed to carry out the directive they were put into power for.
When I receive messages more than once, it means a great source enforcing this outcome is being initiated by God.

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  1. gayle said, on March 1, 2009 at 4:07 pm

    I believe in prayer. I am praying daily for God to intervene. I am worried whether He will, because America has done so many things against God Will He destroy us like He did with the tribes of Israel? When they repented, He forgave. But America isn’t sorry

  2. Mike said, on March 2, 2009 at 1:27 pm

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