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How Was Obama Nominated To US Senate?

Posted in politics by roving on December 28, 2008

Obama condemned the US supreme court for ruling upholding a ban on a partial  birth abortions.  But how did Obama vote back in 1997 when he was new and had a chance to stand against similar statewide bans? Present.

Obama has voted present 130 times. He did this is because he was looking ahead into the future. It was clear to many he had no plans of staying.  Obama approached then-Senate Democratic Chief of Staff Mike Hoffman about his appeal to downstate voters. Hoffen told him “if you have a strange name, you could have some fun with it.” Sound familiar?

Obama needed a powerful friend and he found that friend in Emil Jones. They had met years before when Obama was a “community organizer”

It wasn’t long before Emil Jones gave assignments normally more senior lawmakers would do. Some lawmakers didn’t like  Jones seemly giving Obama so much attention. It caused some rift.

When Hendon became angry at Obama for “mistakenly” voting the wrong way they almost came to blows. With the microphones off the two walked away and when Obama tried to put his hand on Hendon’s shoulder, Hendon slapped it away.

Asked about the incident, Hendon said, “My memory is foggy on that issue. It’s going to remain foggy.”

Obama was ready to move up. He went to Jones…

“You’re a very powerful guy,” Obama told Jones.

“I’ve got the power to do what?” Jones responded.

“You could help elect a U.S. senator,” Obama said.

Jones asked his protege if he had anyone in mind.

“Yeah,” Obama replied. “Me.”

He couldn’t count on the support of some prominent Black Caucus members, including Hendon. In a interview, he said Obama was so ambitious that if the position were up for a vote, Obama would run for “king of the world.”

Obama formally announced his campaign in January 2003, more than a year ahead of the primary. Jones, of course, was there. Link, Walsh and Jacobs also attended, illustrating that his support transcended the black community.

Hendon and Trotter were a tougher sell. Jones eventually got them to endorse Obama. Hendon said it took “seven or eight” talks with Jones before he finally decided to go along. And, Hendon said, he only did it out of loyalty to Jones.

Obama wasn’t expecting the endorsement of either Trotter or Hendon. He asked Jones how he pulled it off.

“I made them an offer,” Jones recalled telling Obama. “And you don’t want to know.

We know what happen after that. He got everyone else kicked off the ballet then filed court papers trying to get his opponent (who was ahead in the polls) divorce papers unsealed. After he dropped out, it was a straight shot to the US senate.

I would love to know what this offer was that Jones told Obama he wouldn’t want to know about.  I also wonder who is behind Obama pulling the strings. Why is Obama appointing so many people from the Clinton administration? Do the Clinton’s have something on Obama? Why is Obama bringing in people from Chicago? Who does Obama owe in Chicago?

Now instead of keeping the most dirty corrupt politicians in the whole country  in IL, Chicago politics is moving to Washington to spread the virus. Expect fours years of cover-ups, investigations, maybe an accidental death and or “suicides”  here and there.