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Despair And Lies

Posted in politics by roving on February 21, 2010

Barack Obama: I will not raise taxes. Period. “We are change we have been looking for.” “Hope and Change.”

If Obama were given a truth serum injection while campaigning, instead of him going around the country preaching hope and change it would had been more like  Despair and Lies. The weird part is, I don’t think it would have made much of a difference to his supporters.  He still may have won but it would have been a even closer race. Obama had illegal foreign donations pouring in, ( he still wont release donors names)  massive voter fraud to help push him across the finish line, and most importantly a hidden past the media to this day refuses to investigate. One simple question would had been the undoing of Barack Obama. ” Mr. Obama. Why are ALL of your records sealed?”

The very first tax Obama raised was the cigarette tax which he raised to 62 cents per pack. He did this just a couple weeks after being sworn into office which tells me he had planned on doing that while campaigning yet failed to mention it. So he lied over and over throughout his campaign.   The media kept his broken pledge news to a minimum.

Obama wanted to “help” the American people who can’t control the use of their credit cards by making new rules designed to “protect” them. I reality it will do more harm not only to the ones who don’t understand how to use a credit card but also to the ones with good credit standing.  Remember when the government wanted to help save us from the cable companies?

Obama’s I will not raise tax lie is actually going to raise taxes 2.8 trillion over 10 years.  I guess we aren’t hurting quite enough to suit Obama.  Just to make sure we hurt, Obama also wants a Value Added Tax. In other words, a national sales tax which will increase the cost of everything we buy.

The extra couple dollars we received in our weekly paychecks  was no tax cut or refund of tax dollars. Some now have to pay into taxes and others are getting smaller refunds.

To keep unemployment high he wants to tax the rich even more then they are already over taxed. You know, the ones who hire us and gives us paychecks. That is a no no in Obama’s book.  When is the last time a poor person ever hired anyone?

The senior citizens are also in Obama’s cross hairs. The Democrats always use the Republicans  to scare the senior citizens into thinking Republicans are out to get them. Its a lie and has always been a lie but with the help of the media, they pull it off.

Now that Obama really does want to punish some of our seniors by cutting their medicare, the media has been pretty much silent over the whole matter. They might throw a blurb out there once in awhile but keep it low key.

The people who worked all their lives and paid into the Social Security system will not see a COLA this year, next year, and possibly the year after.  Yet Obama is raising the cost the seniors pay in benefits. So our seniors are getting hit hard. Obama wanted to  cut Social Security by $500 billion.

For 30 yrs seniors received a COLA The excuse they use for seniors not getting a raise is because the COLA is based on inflation yet they don’t include  food or fuel costs as part of inflation??  Congress voted themselves a raise. Why? I don’t know how they do their math but I see everything going up.  Since Congress got a raise, I must assume food and fuel does factor in for them.

One of the problems with Obama supporters is they don’t think. Do they not realize one day they too will be a senior citizen?  I watched my mother worry about the measly amount she received  for benefits. She wouldn’t had been able to make it if it got cut. Do they not have elderly parents or grandparents?

Thank God my children are not liberals.