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Linda Starr Posts New Information

Posted in politics by roving on January 20, 2009

Posted Jan 19 from Obamacrimes:

how many of you picked up on what Phil said on tonight’s radio show about the FOIA confirming Barry never had an American passport under the name of Barack Obama until hsi diplomatic passport issued as a US Senator? Do you understand and comprehend the enormity of that announcement? Do you all realize what it means? I can tell you now that is one part of several pieces of good news we had the other day that I hinted at and could not reveal. That information confirms Barry had to renew an Indonesian passport to go to Pakistan in 81. That means Barry swore an Oath of Allegiance to Indonesia and had to renounce all other allegiances to get that passport. This is independent confirmation of information we’ve had and from OUR OWN State Department, Barry couldn’t go to Pakistan on an American passport if he didn’t have one.

There are so many amazing pieces of good news coming in. I wish I could tell you all about it. I will say this, I am skeptical of the announcement Barry will be served with papers to block his swearing in tomorrow, but it’s not inconceivable in light of other information I have heard today. Again, I have no way to verify anything except that which we have obtained certified documents.

I may have some very interesting information for everyone tomorrow. Tune in. Hehehe

My question is if Berg has this information, why hasn’t he done anything with it? Or has he?


They Know. They All Know

Posted in politics by roving on January 12, 2009

I wrote to my senator and congressman a couple times asking them to stand up for the constitution. I never did receive a reply.  I don’t know for sure if they would have because Cheney didn’t give anyone the option to stand up and object.  But I have to assume they wouldn’t have anyway because of their silence over the matter. Which comes to the question since Cheney didn’t follow the rules, shouldn’t the electoral votes be thrown out?

The next time I write them is to inform them they will no longer get my vote. I will vote 3rd party unless someone new will run against them. As far as I’m concerned the republicans are just as bad as the democrats.

I love Sarah Palin and want her to be our next president but she also is a disappointment for her not bringing up Obama’s qualifications.

I strongly feel Obama is being blackmailed by at least the Clinton’s. All the appointments from the past Clinton administrations is proof enough for me. Obama may bring the U.S. closer to socialism but maybe not as far as he would have liked now that he will not be in control.

At first Obama wasn’t going to stand behind Burris but he changed his mind after Burris’s affidavit saying he was a “natural born citizen” Hint hint to Obama.

I’m not sure why the republicans are letting this fraud continue. I’m thinking they let it go on because if Obama was thrown out of the election, Hillary would have beat McCain. Maybe  because they know Obama’s secret they think they can control him.

Our government is taking a huge risk letting this happen because not only has Berg stated his contacts overseas have told him some leaders of the world know Obama isn’t qualified, its just common sense they could find out if they haven’t already. Keep an eye on Kenya. See how much money they get from the U.S. The next ones to blackmail Obama will be them.

What will be embarrassing for the United States is if a leader from overseas demands to see proof Obama is eligible before willing to deal with him. What would Obama do if it came down to that? We could end up being the laughing stock of the world all because Obama wasn’t vetted properly by asking a couple simple question. Why do you refuse to release your birth certificate and college papers?

The mystery is the media and conservative talk radio. Why are they silent? Its the only place I get stuck at. I do know a lot of the blame will fall at their feet when things go bad. They should have asked the right questions and demanded answers.  They would have for anyone else but for reason we may never know Obama was off limits. Were threats made? If so, how soon into the campaign were they made? Rush Hannity, Levin, FoxNews, and all the others credibility are shot and the more they ignore the issue, the more silly they look.

By the way Obama, your looking a little peeked and I hear your smoking more heavily.  Something bothering you?

Phil Berg To Be On Live Sunday

Posted in politics by roving on January 10, 2009

Phil Berg will be live on Momma E and the radio rebels Sunday night at 6pm. Central standard time.  He will be discussing his pending case agaisnt Obama.

Hopes And Promises. Enough Already

Posted in politics by roving on January 10, 2009

Skimming through comments on obamacrimes Linda Starr left this comment:

“What makes you so sure someone hasn’t already provided the Hawaiian or Kenyan birth certificate months ago? I’ve told you we have obtained information and evidence via back door methods that while not exatly upfront, were not illegal either.”

“Do people really think Phil doesn’t have anything and yet took this case this far?”

I’m not used to being a conspiracy nut. Although I do believe there is more to the Kennedy assassination then what we were told.

I have been watching all this since early summer its statements like this that I don’t like. Either stop word playing games and just come out with it or don’t say anything at all.

All summer up to the presents its been like this. Someone will post something promising and state they will update then nothing. no update, no explanation. Just another tidbit of new promising information.

Enough already.

Update From Linda Star

Posted in politics by roving on January 4, 2009

As most know, Linda Star updates readers and posters in Obama crimes website.  The latest update posted today Jan 4:

“If you will recall, I said today’s date is a deadline. Philadelphia Roof Dcotor is right with his explanation. Since today is Sunday as he said (I didn’t realize it), it will naturally fall until tomorrow since the courts are closed today. It means Phil will now have the right to pursue the sealed case on his own without having to wait for the DOJ to do something. Having been a Deputy AG for PA, it means he knows how to proceed with this case as a criminal prosecution. Not all lawyers know enough about criminal prosecutions as a former prosecutor would to proceed competently. Today’s date means a lot of things that I really shouldn’t talk about, but I can tell you it frees Phil up to take action. That is what makes today’s deadline so important.

And FYI, the clerk in DC where this case is filed and the military case is filed, is Black and has done everything possible in her capacity as court clerk to prevent Phil from filing these suits – including refusing to accept them. Lisa had to get the head guy to get these cases filed because the clerk was so obstinate and refusing to cooperate. Like I keep telling you, this has become a racial issue because the Blacks in this country made it one.
These people don’t care that he’s not a legal citizen. They just want a Black as President and don’t care if in getting Barry into office, it destroys the Constitution and/or our country.

Doc Rick, better go back to work so you will still have a job. I hope this clerk loses hers. She has no business working there if she is going to try to pick and choose what cases are allowed to be filed there legitimately. What is this country coming to?

Have patience. You all KNOW I LOVE to keep you updated on anything I am allowed to reveal without jeopardizing these cases. And now I want to say something about evidence. Remember how I once said that there have been backdoor ways to get some evidence, that were not exactly proper, but certainly not illegal? People have helped us with learning things that others are desperate to not have known. For example, people in Kenya who have helped us could lose their lives if their role in certain events were made known. The Bishop in Kenya who helped Phil with getting the interview of Granny Sarah Obama had to flee the country with his wife and four children because allegedly Odinga sent a death squad after this man. Phil had to arrange for them to hide in a US Emba*sy in another country until he could get them out of Africa. That was one of our backdoor ways to get that interview information out of Kenya. Other people in Kenya have also helped us, but we have to be sure they are not jeopardized either by revealing certain informaiton. I can tell you we are sure Barry was born in Kenya, not Hawaii. Information, or in this one case no information, is much easier to get on a deceased person. No healthcare facility can provide information with a million court orders, if it doesn’t exist in the first place.

We know so many things. For example, we knew about the Obama divorce because Lisa had obtained a copy long ago. It wasn’t posted because it served no useful purpose. For what possible reason does it help this case for Barry’s daughters to learn their grandparent’s divorce was based on grievious mental suffering? I told you we were sure Frank Marshall Davis wasn’t named on the birth certificate. You have to learn to trust us. Some things serve no good purpose to reveal other than to hurt people needlessly, children who bear no guilt in any of this mess. That is why we were so amazed when false claims were made that Barry’s parent’s divorce record stated he was born in Africa or Kenya. We knew that wasn’t true. Now the document that was posted is allegedly shy of four pages to hide certain information. That is not at all true, which is why Phil & Lisa decided to post it so people would know the truth. We will not sit silent while people are scammed out of hard earned money and not do something to educate people when a scam is taking place. The truth does not change on a whim.

Does that help you feel easier? All will be revealed at the proper time. It is Phil’s and Lisa’s call, not mine. I would not do a thing to subvert the progress of this case in any way. You’ll just have to trust Phil and Lisa are doing the right thing.”


LA Times Reports On Birth Certificate And Supreme Court

Posted in politics by roving on January 4, 2009

LA Times has the story about the supreme court and Obama’s birth certificate.  Okay, its not front page news and only in the blog section but we will take what we can.

“Generally, the issues focus on professed doubts that the 47-year-old Democrat wasn’t really born in Hawaii, despite his birth certificate from the state, and/or that the fact his father was a Kenyan and a British subject makes Obama a dual citizen — meaning he is not a “native born” American, as required by the Constitution. Under U.S. law, people born in the U.S. are citizens.”

Why does the news media always make it sound like the birth certificate in Hawaii is the real thing? There has never been proof the certificate says he was born in Hawaii.

“One sign a rejection is likely is the Court apparently did not feel the issue important enough to ask the other side for comment.

Opponents of Obama still plan protests at the court today and a Washington news conference.

Another reason, as noted by The Times’ David Savage, is that: “The justices also review rulings made by lower courts, usually when there is a disagreement about the law. In [these Obama] cases, lower courts dismissed the lawsuits without handing down major rulings.” Thus, there is no legal ruling to be overturned by the Supreme Court.”

I hope the LA Times is wrong wrong wrong.

What Does Phil Berg Have?

Posted in politics by roving on January 3, 2009

I haven’t been following Phil Berg’s case much lately so decided to check him out and see what has been happening.

Linda Star who I believe started the whole Obama birth certificate, keeps others informed on what is happening through comments in the obamacrimes website.  I vaguely remember talk about a suit Berg had filed that was under seal for 60 days. The 60 days are up tomorrow. Instead of me trying to explain this, I’ll let Linda Star do it.

Phil & Lisa are planning to some events to derail Barry’s plans.

There is a reason to keep it hidden if by revealing it, it might hamper or prevent a criminal prosecution of Barry. there is another suit under seal. I can’t discuss it, but an important deadline occurs tomorrow, Jan 4th.

The other action, under court seal, has implications of a criminal prosecution. If Barry’s response to this secret action is to refuse to prove he has not been defrauding the government since becoming a US Senator (by not even being a citizen and eligible), he can be prosecuted by Phil instead of waiting for the DOJ to act. If we produce evidence in public now that becomes tainted because it was made public, then we lose. All of this is crucial how it is handled. Like I keep saying, Phil will leave no stone unturned. No avenue to victory will be ignored, if at all viable.

You just have to trust Phil. I most definitely trust Phil. I’ve already said too much, but I can’t see that now, as the 60 day deadline is approaching tomorrow, will change anything.

Obama had 60 days to reply to a suit and it looks like he has ignored it. We just don’t know what it is and may find out tomorrow?

Does a Retired Colonel Have Standing? Cripes.

Posted in politics by roving on December 30, 2008

We have judges turning everyone down using the excuse they have no standing when it comes to forcing Obama to show his birt certificate.

Phil Berg has filed suit on behalf of  a Retired Military Colonel . The Colonel wants to know  whether or not to follow any of Obama’s orders

How many more excuses can judges come up with before deciding who has standing? I don’t think God himself would have standing with these judges.