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Obama’s Civilian National Security Force AND Courts

Posted in politics by roving on November 28, 2008

I was wondering if Obama has backed off on going after Bush for alleged harsh interrogation and other “abuses” of his administration because the man changes his mind more then a baby’s diaper is changed.

It appears as though he has had a change of heart although his aides are talking about setting up a 9/11 style of hearings to show everything to the public what  the Bush administration has allegedly done.

I personally don’t consider water boarding torture. You don’t die from it. To me torture is sawing a persons head off with a dull blade. What does Obama expect the interrogators to do? Tell the enemy, “If you don’t tell me everything, I’m going to hold my breath till you do?” As for the pictures taken of the prisoners in Iraq, I have seen worse pictures from a college hazing.

Most everyone with a web connection knows about the Civilian National Security Force even though no one knows exactly what it means to have armed civilians stronger then our military wondering around the streets.  Sounds more like Germany in the 1930’s to me.

As I was reading the article about the 9/11 type hearings I came across a “National Security Courts” system Obama is thinking of using in place of the military tribunals.

If you put everything together, The Civilian National Security Force, National Security Courts, The Mandatory Civil Service Plan or simply The Plan and just for kicks throw in Obama trashing the United States Constitution, my gut tells me there is something very very wrong here. Just saying…