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Lets Call Him Lance

Posted in politics by roving on December 28, 2008

Work has been bad. Before laying off, the company decided to share the pain and knock us down to a 32hr work week when needed. What good paying jobs that were out there are now gone. Plant closings or moving out of the country.  NAFTA hasnt worked so well for us in the upper midwest.

Now we also have the temp service scam. Back in the day if a person was out of work they simply went to the unemployment office and looked at the list of job openings and the people who worked there would also help you find a job.

There is this guy I know. Lets call him Lance. Lance has been on SSI for at least 15yrs. He has every ailment a person can think of. If you tell him about your own illness, he will top it. He used to go get checked every 6-9 months for lung cancer because he swore he had it. I could fill a whole blog just listing what he claims he has.

Right now he says he has a back injury. Sometimes he uses a wheelchair, sometimes he pushes a walker around, sometimes he carries the walker like up some stairs. I have seen him carry a cane then start using it right before he reached the door to go inside the doctors office.

The point is, because work is slow and may be for awhile, I’m making less. We didn’t get a raise this past year yet Lance did. I make less, Lance makes receives more.  We work our butts off so Lance can sit at home and complain the state and government is screwing him over.

No Lance, your the one doing the screwing. What about us who go to work every day and pay taxes?  Where is our break? You haven’t paid taxes in your whole life.  You hit the jackpot. You actually had the gall at one time to mention wanting kids then asking how much more money you would get.

Lance receives free medical, food stamps, breaks on all utilities, pays cheap rent, and gets money to boot every month.

Lance will always have that. Lance will always have a roof over his head and be taken cared for.  The working people who work  providing for Lance have no guarantees.

This country is so ass backwards.

Note: This is not towards people who legitimately are on SSI or welfare. I know there are people who truly need it and others  deserve it yet have to jump through hoops to recieves the help they need.  This is for the people we will call…Lance.