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Obama’s Blue Lips

Posted in politics by roving on December 24, 2008

bh_obamaHas anyone ever noticed Obama’s lips? They appear blueish or purplish.  Looking it up, it could mean serious medical problems. Anything from heart problems to cyanosis.

I’m wondering if that is one of the reasons Obama has refused to release his medical records. (besides the reason it would show his birth place)

Hasn’t everyone showed their medical records? Didn’t we have a right to see them so people know he is in top physical shape? I would like to see his complete medical records but what do we get? A one page letter saying he is okay. Oh, we also get to see his man boobs every day on the world wide web. Well, his man boobs and a one page letter ain’t gonna cut it with me.

The man is either wearing lipstick or he has a possible medical problem. Although from what I understand, its possible it could be lipstick.