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My Fellow Republican Comrades. Stop Apologizing

Posted in politics by roving on March 22, 2010

Today I have been putting comrade in front of the names of anyone I talked to since we are turning towards a communists style country I wanted to know how it would feel.

I watched the whole debate all the way through the “vote” of the health care bill. When Stupak stood up and lied through his teeth, Rep. Randy Neugabauer yelled out “Baby Killer” or “It will kill babies.”  I had no problem with comrade Randy yelling this out. My problem is he apologized for it.

Just as comrade Joe Wilson yelled out to Obama, ‘You Lie” then later a apologized for the comment, I have something I want to tell my fellow comrades. STOP APOLOGIZING!. You said nothing wrong. You were right for saying what you did.

The Democrats call us names all the time. (teabaggers among others names). Do they apologize? No they don’t. The Democrats lie trying to smear our fellow comrades. For example claiming someone shouted out “Kill him” during a comrade McCain rally. Just Sunday the black caucus lied by claiming they were spit on and called names even though they forget people film everything now a days and the film shows it never happen. Did they say they were sorry for lying? No they didn’t.

Comrades, when you say your sorry, you appear weak. Defend yourselves for crying out loud. When you speak the truth, we will stand behind you. You have nothing to apologize for. We agree with you.

Be strong damn it.