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Alan Keyes Doesn’t Much Care For Obama

Posted in politics by roving on March 27, 2009

I love this video. I love it so much It needed to be re-posted.  To bad He wasn’t able to run for office against Obama sooner In IL because he would of had a really good chance to wipe the floor with Obama. As a matter of fact Obama WAS losing but he went to court trying to get divorce records released in order to embarrass his opponent who in turn dropped out of the race and Keyes entered but he entered to late.

That’s just the way Obama is. Dirty. He has never won office fair and square. Even for the highest office in the land he had to cheat.


Needed, A Class Action Lawsuit

Posted in politics by roving on December 24, 2008

What would it take to open up our congresses and the supreme courts eyes? So far, all  lawsuits being filed  against Obama are being dismissed. The media, talk  radio big shots, and news print refuse to report on all these lawsuits in depth. What they do report are false and misleading stories in the hopes of making the people concerned about Obama’s qualifications look like kooks.

What gets the medias attention are class action lawsuits involving thousands or millions of people. They would have no choice but to cover it.

Orly Taitz who is one of the lawyers representing Alan Keyes is willing to represent all active duty military, retired and reserve personal free of charge which is a good thing because I would think military personal involved in a lawsuit WILL get attention. I would have a problem myself serving under a commander in chief who for some strange reason refuses to produce his birth certificate. But a lawsuit containing possibly a million people would also be effective.

Orly Taitz On The Radio Patriot

Posted in politics by roving on December 10, 2008

Orly Taitz dentist/constitutional lawyer working for Alan Keyes and Lightfoot v Bowen over the eligibility of Obama will be on Radio Patriot tonight, Dec. 10 at 9pm ET time.