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Presumed Consent Organ Donation Is “For The Children”

Posted in politics by roving on March 7, 2010
Organ Donation
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I opted in to be an organ donor years ago.  This is the way it should be.   IL state sen. Dale Risinger wants to introduce a bill that will make all Illinoisans potential organ donors and will have to opt out if a person doesn’t want to be an organ donor.

From the pjstar: Joe Berry who has worked in hospital administration and was on the receiving end of a someone who had given consent to be an organ donor. Joe brought up the advances of pediatric medicine. “Pediatric patients who are dying because of liver failure can receive a transplanted liver to buy time to allow the child’s own liver to regenerate. When that happens, the donated liver can be removed, and the child’s own liver takes over.”

This is the trick started by Clinton. Use the children to push things through. After all, who isn’t for the children? How much freedoms have we lost for the children? Our taxes have gone up and up  for the children.

Look, the real reason Sen. Risinger  wants presumed consent is because he knows thousands will have no idea they are now organ donors.

With Obama in office and the Democrats in power, I expect the following news story story to happen more often. If Obama care passes, its game over. Seniors and low income people will have a even larger target on their back then they  have now.

MIAMI (WSVN) — A young mother died when, a lawsuit claims, she was taken off life support without her family’s permission.

It was supposed to be a day of joy for the Francois family. Twenty-six-year-old Caroline was giving birth to her third child at a local hospital.

The baby was born fine, but the next day things went terribly wrong for the young mother. “Her blood pressure remained high and continued to remain high,” said the family’s attorney, Loreen Kreizinger. “As a result of her uncontrolled hypertension, she had a bleed to the brain, which happened the next day after the baby was born.”

Caroline was put on life support. “It’s terrible,” said Kreizinger. “It’s probably one of the worst things I’ve personally ever experienced as an attorney, and I am also a nurse.”

According to the lawsuit, after Caroline was put on life support, the local hospital called the University of Miami organ donor program. An employee of the donor program went to the hospital and tried to meet with the family. “Mr. Francois never spoke with them and never gave consent,” said the family’s attorney.

But despite that, the lawsuit against the University of Miami claims that same employee, who is not a medical doctor wrote physician’s orders in Caroline’s chart which read: “Patient pronounced brain dead at 16:16 hours,” and, “Please discontinue all treatments including the ventilator.”

“We have evidence that he physically entered the room and actually turned off the ventilator,” said the lawyer.

Court testimony supports that shocking allegation. Caroline’s respiratory therapist was asked in a deposition, “Who physically took Caroline off the ventilator?” The therapist replied, “That’s a gentleman from organ procurement.”

In Caroline’s chart, her nurse wrote the employee from UM “turned off vent,” referring to the ventilator.

No one is saying why this employee might have pulled the plug, but Caroline’s doctor is very clear. In testimony, her doctor was asked, “Did you yourself at anytime make an assessment that Caroline was brain dead?” The answer: “No.”

“We have evidence that Caroline began to breathe on her own, both by a computerized respiratory printout and by handwritten notes of the respiratory therapist,” said Kreizinger.

Asked if she was implying that Caroline was breathing on her own and still taken off life support, the family’s attorney replied, “That’s right. That’s what we’re saying here.” More at WSVN

I am going to be changing my status to not being an organ donor and if this presumed consent law passes, I will be opting out.

Obama Illegally Keeping Nobel Peace Prize Money?

Posted in politics by roving on March 6, 2010

Oct. 2009 Obama announced he would donate the $1.4 million prize money to charity.

Dec 10,2009 Obama excepts the Nobel Peace prize. Obama is the first person to except the prize for doing absolutely nothing. Unless you want to count how well he reads prepared speeches.

Big Government says Obama received the money.  In Feb. Obama’s mouth piece Gibbs claims Obama hasn’t received the check yet.  I don’t put much into anything Gibbs says. So, what is going on here? The last news about it was one month ago.

When Obama’s tax returns are released in a couple months, and if its found he hasn’t donated the money, would the MSM even mention it? Will he be given a free ride yet again? Something tells me, he would.

Obama’s Birth Doctor Was Obama Senior’s Neighbor

Posted in politics by roving on March 6, 2010

Why is Obama fighting the release of his birth certificate? He has it in his possession yet chooses to post a fake COLB.  Why will no judge consider looking at any evidence? What are they afraid of? Why did Cheney break constitutional law by not  asking for any objections during the vote?  Why does Beck, O’Reilly and others continually cite Fact Check when it was found even they committed a fraud?

Inspector Smith, the man who says he was able to get Obama’s birth certificate out of Kenya by bribing a guard, which caused   the firing of the top national police police officer of Kenya  during the cowardly judge Carter debacle stumbled onto more information.

The doctor whos signature is on the Obama Kenyan birth certificate was a neighbor of Obama senior at the time Obama was born as was reported in the All Africa news website. The story had to do with the daughter, now a judge forgiving the person of her fathers unsolved murder. Yes, it sad but its who the news article  says lived next to Obama senior who is important. The same doctor everyone claimed was in a different part of the country at the time of Obama’s birth. James Ang’wa

read more at Free Republic

My Experience In The Bermuda Triangle

Posted in Uncategorized by roving on March 5, 2010

I served our country aboard a Destroyer. I been almost completely  around this planet and seen all kinds of things while out to sea.

Depending who was on duty on the bridge at the time, an announcement would come over the loud speaker giving us tidbits about where we were and what we were seeing off in the distance.

I have been through the Bermuda Triangle four times.  The first time going through, I was in my compartment when the announcement informed us we were entering the Triangle.  I was a little nervous. After all, who hasn’t heard all the stories about planes and ships disappearing? Wikipedia seems to have all the answers by saying important parts of the stories were left out and explains/assumes what really happen.  I can only tell you about my personal experience in the Bermuda Triangle.

The sea was calm but it was as if we crossed a line and the seas became choppy. This happen about every time we crossed into the Triangle.  It had gotten so I knew when we were in the Triangle.

The first three times, nothing unusual happen. The fourth and last time, I was pulling duty on the bridge at the helm. It was around 2am when my compass stopped working. I alerted the officer of the deck (OOD)who then told me to steer using true north.

About 10 minutes later the port lookout reported a light off in the distance. The OOD, looked at the radar screen but nothing showed.  The light didn’t seem to be moving.  We were nowhere near land so that was ruled out. The light was bright white.  The light being from another ship was ruled out.  For one, there was no blip on the radar screen, if it were a merchant ship, it would have more then one light, there were no other American warships in the area, and our guts told us that wasn’t a ship. The OOD sent the messenger to  wake the captain and requested he come to the bridge.

When the captain came to the bridge he was informed of the light, the non working compass and the blank radar screen. The captain looked at the light through the binoculars for a bit then put them down. The OOD asked if we should turn towards the light and investigate. I’m thinking to myself, lets not. The captain after reading my mind concurred. Stay on course but keep an eye on the light. If anything changes, let him know.

About an hour later the compass begin to work again. When we left the Bermuda Triangle, the sea became calm.

Okay, okay. You had to be there.

Obama’s Past a huge Photoshop?

Posted in politics by roving on March 4, 2010

Whats wrong with this picture? This is a group shot From his college days. This doesn’t even attempt to look real.

Notice Obama’s right hand. Obvious photoshop picture.

The big question is, what is this from? Did Obama have brain surgery?

Its a shame the media refuses to look long and hard at Obama. So many questions, so few answers.

Read more and comments at Free Republic. Decide for yourself

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Beware Of The Tea Party Protesters

Posted in politics by roving on March 3, 2010

Mark Williams of MSNBC says the tea party people want to kill Jews, blacks, and women.

“The tea party is nothing but angry white racist rednecks filled with rage.” so says E.D. Kain

New York Times columnist: Tea Partiers are terrorists

Ed Schultz: “Tea party people are ignorant hateful wingnuts.”

House Democrat leaders say Tea partiers are Racists, Nazi, gun nuts.

I ask anyone who watches  MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, reads the newspapers, who are the real racists? Who are the ones who keep bringing Obama’s race into their stories? Who are the real people we should fear?   Why do they continually seem to want something to happen to Obama when they know darn well, its their side they should be worried about.

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