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And So It Begins. Higher Insurance Premiums

Posted in politics by roving on March 24, 2010
Image by Mad Mike 3000 via Flickr

I didn’t know it was going to start this quick but I guess the insurance companies need the money to try and last as long as possible before they are forced out of business.

“So I just got a call from my health insurance provider. My family rates are going up $200/month … $2400/year per employee effective April 1st.”

How is this possible? Obama said he was going to reduce our premiums by $2,500.  He said it over and over. Gee, did the Great Messiah tell a lie?

Not only that but  doctors quitting has also began. The Communists er I mean the Democrats can have all the health care they want but if there is no doctors, where do the people go for health care? They seemed to have left that part out of the scheme of things.

Another bit of bad news, Medicare patients are already feeling the pain. Just as Obama planned. He has a thing against our seniors and babies.

A local radio station in the Upstate of South Carolina, which has a call-in show each afternoon, was inundated with calls Tuesday afternoon concerning hospitals turning away Medicare patients this week.

One elderly woman was sent home from the emergency room after the bare minimum of treatment with a fever of 103 degrees.  When she was forced to return to the emergency room within 24 hours, due to the fact that she was not adequately treated the first time, the doctor informed her they could not give her care because it was ‘too soon after her initial treatment.’

Maybe NOW the seniors will realize the Democrats have never been on their side. Now if only the Jewish population in this country will also come to the same conclusion. The Jewish people are hard to understand. They see themselves being attacked but keep standing by the attacker until its to late.


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