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I’m Wondering If There Will Be Another Presidential Election

Posted in politics by roving on February 27, 2010
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It makes me wonder if there is even going to be a another presidential election what with the way Obama and Eric Holder continually thumb their nose at the law and constitution. Do they not realize their time in office is limited? Do they not realize they may have to answer for things they have done? Is something going to happen giving Obama the power to suspend presidential election? It just makes no sense to me how arrogant Obama and Attorney General Holder are.

The press and liberals were all up in arms over Bush’s patriot act. They actually thought the Bush administration was listening to their phone conversations. Obama not only continues the patriot act but, adds listening in, AND tracking cell phones.  Except with Obama, he just may listen to and track regular Americans. What I don’t understand is why the liberals are silent about this. I’m not surprised at all Obama is doing this. After all Obama back in Aug. wanted Americans to turn in their neighbors who he felt was spreading  “dis-information.”  During the campaign he had what he called “truth squads” to try and squash the 1st amendment.

Eric Holder had no business being Attorney General to begin with. Holder worked tirelessly to pardon 16 convicted terrorists. Holder dropped the iron clad voter intimidation case against the Black Panthers and to this day refuses to answer questions about it.  Holder called for trying terrorists in a court of law giving terrorists American rights. Americans who fought and died for the rights did not do it for terrorists.  They did it for us. The biggest slap in the face of Americans how he  shows contempt for this country was the political appointees he put in justice department. At least 10 of the appointees worked on behalf of terrorists.

Obama. So many crimes. All the czars. The taking over car companies. The firing of CEO’s. The health care. Using dept of justice lawyers in the court cases that were brought against him before he was elected. The illegal firing of an Attorney General for investigating and finding crimes committed by by Obama’s friend. I think you all know the list of crimes against the constitution Obama has committed.

This fall when the republicans are the majority in at least one house , they will have the power to bring Eric Holder before them and force him to answer questions. If they actually do this is another thing.

If Sarah Palin is elected as president, chances would be good Eric Holder, possibly Obama, among others may be prosecuted for crimes against the American people and country. Corruption does not sit well with Palin no matter what party it is. She has gone after Democrats along with Republicans which is why I feel the the good old boys in the Republican party are against her. The MSM knows this and is just another reason to fear her.


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  1. Pete said, on February 27, 2010 at 10:35 am

    Your title of your question is correct, do they not understand that they will have to face the legal system later? I believe you have answered your own question, NO. John Q public believes that the Nov. 2010 elections will be the process to right the ship, but the Democrats have proven that they have no fear of the upcoming elections….which could only mean two things. They have ‘fixed’ the problems of the country, or they plan on ‘fixing’ the elections.

    Small business owners across this country KNOW the Obama administration has ‘FIXED’ nothing but the released numbers, the economy continues to worsen and people are loosing jobs/business/houses. Further, they have increased the circulating money supply to the point of expecting uncontrolled inflation. So if they haven’t fixed the economy……..well there is only one option left.

  2. Anonymous said, on July 15, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    sarah is our only hope

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