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My Company Received Stimulus Money

Posted in politics by roving on February 25, 2010
Money at hand
Image by Don Hankins via Flickr

Oh yes. Everything is good. It must be quite a bit of money because it takes 3 people out of doing their jobs for 3 days.

Every 3-6 months or so, the company picks out 3 people. A man comes in and talks about how everything has a place at all the lines. Then they go to a couple of lines that were picked out in advance.

First thing they do is pick out things that doesn’t need to be at the line.  They are given red tags and green tags. They place the red tag on things that need to be junked, the green tags on things that could be used for parts. They then separate the tagged items.

Lastly, they clean all around the line. They clean where no man has ever cleaned. Disturbing things that probably shouldn’t be disturbed.

For 3 days this goes on. 3 lines shut down. 3 people being paid for not doing their job.

Thank you American taxpayer.

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