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Forget Sarah Palin’s Qualifications, What About Obama’s?

Posted in politics by roving on February 16, 2010
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Sarah Palin isn’t qualified, is stupid, not bright, can’t talk very well, uninformed, etc. We hear this day in, day out even some of it from the right. I like Sarah but she isn’t ready. She needs to study up more. She needs more experience under her belt.

Cripes, why is it Sarah is the only one who needs to know everything known to man before she would be qualified?

Sarah’s strength is amazing. I have never seen a person go through what she has from the media and left. They attack everything about her all the way down to her baby. If  even half of how Sarah were treated to Obama, he would have broke. Hell, I would have lost it myself. I never seen anyone take the abuse she has and keep on smiling.

The Republicans are afraid of her because she goes into office for the people and it makes no difference what side of the isle your on, you do wrong, shes coming after you. The good ole boy network will not go over on her.

1987 — Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Idaho.

1992-1996 — Entered public life, serving two terms on the Wasilla City Council.

1996-2002 — Elected mayor of Wasilla City, Alaska, for two terms until term limits forced her from office.

2002 — Lost her first statewide campaign for the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor.

2002 — Frank Murkowski left the Senate to become governor and named Palin chairwoman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

2003 — Split with the party leaders by battling Randy Ruedrich, the head of Alaska’s Republican Party.

2006 — Upset then-Gov. Murkowski in the Republican primary, then defeated former two-term Gov. Tony Knowles, a Democrat, in the general election.

2007 — Pressured lawmakers to get the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act passed, to build a natural gas pipeline to deliver 35 trillion cubic feet of North Slope natural gas to market

Commander of the Alaska National guard.

Now tell me why Sarah isn’t qualified again?

Why is it the media always harps about the imaginary lack of qualifications of Sarah Palin yet never give examples. They keep saying how not very bright she is. Again with no examples.  They did make a big deal about the few notes she wrote on her hand but said she used it during her 45 min. speech which wasn’t true. She used it during the Q&A. Chris Mathews thought it very humorous.

You know what is really humorous? When Obama was reading the wrong teleprompter and ended up thanking himself for being there. Or what about dragging his teleprompters into a 10 person meeting? Without his crutch he stumbles around for words.

Obama’s last press conference was held last July and even then the reporters were pre-picked who had to submit their questions ahead of time.

Why is it the Obama supporters keep saying Palin is unqualified yet they voted in Obama who has been the least qualified ever in the history of this country to be president?  Why don’t they name some of his qualifications?

Obama thinks we have 57 states for crying out loud. He gets the declaration of independence  mixed up with the constitution.  How in the world Obama was able to pull off being a constitutional lecturer is amazing. It could be why he is keeping his grades hidden. If I had to guess, I would say he graduated at the bottom. If he did graduated at all. We don’t really know. All his records are sealed.

He voted present 130 times.

Obama thinks Australian is a foreign language.

Calling a corpsman a corpse man…3 times.

Obama was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relation Committee and never held even one meeting.  His excuse was because of the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. My guess…no teleprompter. He wouldn’t know what to say.

A community organizer. Gee. Training ACORN how to harass people.

Oh, and the big one. Hope and Change.

If you were to set Obama’s experience next to Palin’s, it would be blaring who would be more qualified.  Palin would win hands down. But the media dare not compare the two. Or Obama’s supporters.

The media and supporters keep trying to scare the people into thinking Palin isn’t qualified because they are afraid of her. Palin’s presence can energize a crowd. If they harp on her lack of qualifications, it takes the attention away from Obama’s lack of qualifications because they know Obama don’t know Jack.


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