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Unexpectedly, New Pet Peeve Bugs Me More Then Expected

Posted in politics by roving on February 12, 2010

Job loss rises more the expected.

Job loss unexpectedly drops.

Retail sales drop unexpectedly.

Retail Sales rise more then expected.

You get the idea. I get a twinge in my chest every time I see that. Why are the people keeping track of statistics and guessing the future always surprised at the outcomes no matter which way it goes?  We must have some amateurs predicting the rise and fall of employment, retail sales, etc.  Maybe its time to get rid of  them and hire in ones who know what they are doing. Do they not realize they come off as incompetent?

Another sign of incompetence: every time they come out with a statistic, we now have to wait a few weeks  so they can come out with  the revised numbers because they realized they were wrong the first time.

Living in their world would  be an adventure. These people must walk around bug eyed all day because they are always surprised.


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