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There’s A Law For That

Posted in politics by roving on February 10, 2010

Slowly but surely our freedoms are being taken away. All these little laws begin to add up.

Spreading state to state is a law making it illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving a car.  This law makes no sense to me and am waiting for  a follow up law that bans the driver from talking to the passenger in a car.

How is talking to a passenger any different then talking on a cell phone? How would talking on a cell phone using a ear piece or using the radio hear the cell call any different then talking on a cell phone? The answer: There is no difference.

Talking to a passenger is exactly the same as talking on a cell phone. Both are distraction.  I once  ran a red light because I was talking to my passenger.

Regardless, there is no need to be making special laws for every little thing because there is already a law called Inattentive driving.  Your doing anything besides paying attention to your driving and get into an accident, you get a ticket.

I remember a couple years ago there was a lawmaker in New York who wanted to make it illegal to cross a street while listening to a ipod.

These laws they come up with are “feel good” laws. They make the people think the lawmaker are on top of it when in reality its just a waste of time and paper.

You may think it silly sometime in the future it will be illegal to talk to your passenger but I put nothing past these people. Its all about money.  Does anyone really think they care about us? They make these laws not to protect us but to fill the state coffers and the control of the people.

Another thing, when they say “its for the children” beware.

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