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Rush Limbaugh…You Lie!

Posted in politics by roving on October 30, 2009

Rush Limbaugh has what he calls open line Friday. Allegedly anyone can call and talk about anything. I find it odd that he never gets a call wanting to talk about Obama spending almost 2 million dollars to keep all his records hid.

Today I was listening to Rush. Out of all the other talk show hosts, he is one that I can tolerate. He at the very least would bring up Obama hiding his birth certificate. He rarely does it and when he does bring it up, he does it almost tongue in cheek but he has never made fun of the “birthers.”

This morning a caller  asked Rush about Larry Sinclair and the murder of Obama’s lover Donald Young who attended the same church Obama did in Chicago.

Rush told the caller he never heard of Larry Sinclair. He also said he wouldn’t talk about it because the caller lied to his call screener about the reason for the call.

I consider Rush a bright guy and he has researched Obama. If you research Obama, there is no way you would not know about Larry Sinclair or Donald Young.

Rush, all of the talk radio hosts, our Representatives all know Obama was born in Kenya but play dumb.  Representatives because of Obama’s color, talk show hosts and media because they were threatened.

I have always found it odd no media or talk show host would even talk about Obama records he has paid over one million dollars to hide so being threaten does make sense. What I don’t like is when they lie about not knowing things.

We the people have no way of venting our frustrations and some become desperate and lie to call screeners because if they tell the truth for the call, the screener either hangs up on them or calls them names. I hear Hannity’s call screener is especially nasty.

Rush lied today. I think its the first lie I ever heard him tell.


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