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Will Obama Visit Troops Over the Holidays

Posted in politics by roving on October 18, 2009

obama-military The holidays are approaching. President Bush would travel and spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with our troops. Will Obama? Its hard to say. I assume he will. He has to give a show pretending he cares about them.We know the truth though as do I’m sure most of the troops.

Obama doesn’t want to send in help to Afghanistan even though they are begging for it while they watch their fellow soldiers being slaughtered. Obama doesn’t want us to win the war. I think that is pretty clear by now.

Obama changes the rules of engagement so the enemy has a chance to get away only to come back another day and kill our men.

Obama wants to cut the spending for them. Millions  headed for military was diverted for our elected officials pet projects. Maybe the better word would be they stole money from out men and women in uniform for themselves.

Obama disdains our military might. As do most Democrats. They  tear it down and the republicans have to build it back up. Listen to his speeches when traveling all over the world. We are bullies.  We need military to be bullies.

We all know about Obama’s fake townhall meetings being filled with only supporters with staged questions from pretend patients and such. Will Obama be able to gather enough volunteer members of our military for a staged greeting? Note to Obama, have staff hand out different style cameras to the volunteer troops. Remember the one fiasco? They all had the same cameras to take pretend shots of you. Try and make it just a tad more realistic this time.

My how things have changed


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