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So Why The Big Hoopla About Losing Our Sovereignty now?

Posted in politics by roving on October 17, 2009

Sovereignty: Government Free From External Control.

There is a bill from February 2008 with Obama’s name on it. Even while campaigning he was plotting to give up our sovereignty. The bill s.2433 or the Global Poverty Act has passed the House vote by voice. Guess how many Republicans stood up to the bill? None.  Hell, Republican Sen. Richard Lugar voted in favor of it.

This bill will give the U.N. power over the U.S.  and require the United States to give away to countries that hate us 0.7  percent of our gross domestic production. That is over 30 billion on top of what we already give. This will give the U.N power to tax us.

Also included in the bill is something called standing peace force. A U.N  arms register of ALL small arms and light weapons.

The U.N. will also be in our schools re-educating the children called “peace education.” From preschool to college.

The bill also gives the U.N. political control of the global economy.

This was from over a year ago. Did the news flood candidate Obama about this bill? No. Was it being reported on the nightly news? No. Did bloggers warn the people what was happening? Yes. But sadly, to many of the people were to busy worshiping the great one and not paying attention to what he was doing. The people were thinking they were going to get free money from Obama’s private stash and paying off their mortgages.

Now Lord Christopher Monckton is warning the world what is going to happen but now it’s an assault of our freedoms from a different front. They are coming after us in the name of climate change. Notice how it’s not called global warming now? This way they have all their bases covered whether its warm or cold. This new threat will be for a “World Government.” It will force the U.S. to pay a “climate debt.”

Lord Christopher says once this treaty is signed, it will override our Constitution. We will forever be lost.

Well Lord Christopher, I think President Palin would disagree with you. As would our military. If we still have one left before Obama completely destroys it.

I have yet to see a treaty that cannot be broken. Ask the Indians.


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