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I Tried Listening To Liberal Talk Radio Show

Posted in politics by roving on October 12, 2009

I really tried. I made it 5 minutes before I couldn’t take any more. The host was calling people on the right “Brain dead” We just repeat what we see on Fox News. He says Fox News doesn’t report the news.

A caller called in and asked the host what does he mean Fox news doesn’t report the news? The host says, “Christ” Then tells the caller that’s right, Fox News doesn’t report the news. He then asks the caller ” How does Fox news help your life?” This confused the caller as it did me. So the caller says, “Help my life? Its the news.” The hosts ends up hanging up on him telling him to go back to his crack pipe.

The host says he couldn’t talk to him because the  the caller is liar. He says he can always tell who a liar is when asked a question and the other person comes back with repeating the question that was asked of him.

I would have really liked to hear the host explain how the news is supposed to help a persons life. The news informs people of events. The news isn’t  some kind of group therapy.  But alas, the host hung up on the guy so he wouldn’t have to explain it.  Go figure.

The jealousy of Fox News ratings are just eating away at the liberals.  One small reason Fox News blows everyone out of the water is because from what I saw on CNN during a round table discussion. The lies and half truths they were saying drove me up the wall.

I only get maybe 10% of my news from Fox News. It would be silly to rely on only one station for all the news. Even Fox News doesn’t report everything. There has been plenty of times Fox News upset me. They just don’t hide things from the people as much as CNN and all the rest.

Its no wonder left sided radio has no audience. If I were truly brain dead, then yes, I would be able to stomach a liberal radio program.

Now I see why liberals are so gullible.


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