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Cops Stopping Someone For Being in A Drug Area

Posted in Uncategorized by roving on October 11, 2009

I’m a fan of the show Cops. Some things on the show bother me though.

A police officer pulls someone over because they are in a a known drug dealing area.  So now we are supposed to detour around streets between the hours of 9pm and 6am  that have drug houses? Granted the ones we see on the show did end up being guilty but I wonder how many were truly innocent that were edited out?

A officer tells the person they stopped he was seen leaving a KNOWN drug house. They end up arresting him after a search produces some drugs. The cops then move on. What is wrong with this picture? The cops KNOW there are drugs being dealt at the house but let it continue? Why not get a warrant, go and arrest everyone inside? Or if you see them selling, go up there and arrest them.  Isnt it a crime knowing a crime is being committed but do nothing? especially if your a cop?

Arresting a drug user isn’t going to get drugs off the street. Its the dealers and suppliers who need to be arrested.

A cop is chasing someone. The someone tosses his stash. The cops catch him then meticulously search the area for the drugs until they find it. I remember reading advice from a lawyer who said when cops are chasing you, get rid of the drugs. The cops rarely will go back and search for it. So I must assume the cops on TV do it because well, they are on TV.

Having a suspect on the ground. One cop has his knee on his neck, another, a knee on his back, yet another on his back yelling for the suspect to stop resisting and put your hand behind your back. Okay, lets see, we have three officers dog piling a man with maybe 300 or more pounds of pressure on his neck and back. I think I would have a problem getting my arm out from under me also.

The prostitution stings are the most boring. Why is it when a woman has an abortion, that is okay because its her body and she has that right. Yet she gets arrested for selling her body for sex?? This makes absolutely no sense to me.  You can murder your baby but don’t you dare have sex for money.

Other then that I enjoy watching someone have a bad night.


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