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Cargo Ships Prove Obama’s A Liar

Posted in politics by roving on October 11, 2009

But then why should that be a surprise. Every day is a new lie. Obama tries to fool the people with lies how the economy is getting better. But the facts alone prove him wrong. What about how the  stimulus will stop the rise of unemployment and create or save millions of jobs? The real job loss is at around 16% and rising. By the way, I’m still waiting on the the bills to be posted on line for 3 days so we all can see them before being voted on.

Why do the Obama supporters let him get away with the lies? Me, I always knew he was a liar since the campaign so it doesn’t surprise me none.  If his supporters would have done their research, Obama wouldn’t be in the White House trying to destroy our military, our economy, or our freedoms.  Obama himself said he would wreck our economy.

Cap and Trade. Why would Obama put 2yrs of unemployment benefits in the bill if he thought “Green Jobs” would cure the economy? Obama himself said he would bankrupt coal mines. Which would throw thousands out of work. He also said with the cap and trade, our electricity rates would skyrocket. Yet the voters still voted this Communist into office.

A lot of the Obama voters at my work voted themselves out of a job. Which I found pretty amusing but because of their idiocy, we who knew what Obama was also have to pay the price.

If you want to see how well the economy is going around the world, look at the cargo ships. The cargo ships haul goods from one country to another to keep shelves stocked which keeps the economy buzzing.

So, where are a lot of the ship now? They are in Singapore. 500 of them and more going there every day. Just sitting there rusting away because they have nothing to haul and nowhere to go.

If the economy is starting a upturn, explain this. Full Story



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