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All Pro Obama Blog Comments Are Suspect

Posted in politics by roving on October 7, 2009
United States Attorney General

We all have them. Pro nut Obama comments. They don’t deal in facts. They rarely comment on topic, or they prefer name calling.

Obama and Eric Holder shows yet once again the law be damned. Its only useful when using against Republican supporters.  Hey Eric, whats up with letting the Black Panthers off the hook?  Why are you using taxpayer money defending Obama in eligibility lawsuits? The suit was filed BEFORE Obama took office. I guess  he rather go after people who blog.

Obama’s justice department are  paying Democrat campaign bloggers to roam the web in search of anti-Obama blogs and leave comments.

More at Publius Forum.


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  1. bbabe said, on October 7, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    Interesting. That means that one comment I just moderated on my blog is suspect!
    You may find “We forgave Obama for Wright, Can We Forgive Him for the Czars” interesting.

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