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Obama Celebrates While Soldiers Are Being Killed With “Date Night”

Posted in politics by roving on October 4, 2009

Obama has shown how he feels about our troops by restricting how they can fight a war and not sending help. Obama prefers they hand out candy to the locals then just die for him. He must feel that way. There is no other explanation.

Imagine, Bush in the White House going on multiple dates, vacations, playing golf as often as possible, throwing parties, traveling around the world,  flying in chefs, all on the taxpayer dime. What does anyone think the press would do?

Obama treats our money like his own personal piggy bank. Hes having a blast. Meanwhile our troops badly in need help. They are being killed. Not just one at a time.  Their being killed in  groups and Obama doesn’t seem to care. So what does Obama do while our people die? Why go on yet another date night of course.

I seriously think there is something mentally wrong with the man.  I don’t know if hes still doing drugs or if hes just so inept, he can’t help it.

Even if he did send in reinforcements, its to late.  He is responsible for the deaths that didn’t have to happen. He can never take that back.

The Republicans could put a end to this madness right away a couple of ways.

Demand his birth certificate and all other papers he has hidden.

Investigate his past crimes while in the Senate. For example…Campaigning for his cousin in Kenya. That is a big no no. They call it treason.  A sitting Senator can not go to another country and campaign for someone. Then that someone kills thousands because he lost.

Charge him with the Logan act for  going behind Bush’s back in Iraq during the campaign trying to stall troop withdrawal.

It has to be obvious by now to everyone Obama doesn’t plan on winning in Afghanistan so get our troops out now.


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  1. devin said, on October 5, 2009 at 9:11 am

    you’re a tard

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