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Hope And Change Isn’t Free

Posted in politics by roving on September 26, 2009

Not only will Obama fine anyone $25,000  or one year in jail because the guilty party didn’t pay the $1,900 fee for not having health insurance, but Obama will also raid your bank account. There is a provision  in the House bill that calls for an ID card  would allow the government access to a patient’s bank account.

Obama’s goal is and always has been to completely eliminate private health care.  It’s only common sense private health care insurance companies wouldn’t be able to  compete with the government.   Obama’s plan is to have complete control over “his” people.

Government health care will fail.  This is the same government that has paid…

$285 for a screwdriver

$7,622 for a coffee maker

$387 for a flat washer

$659 for an ashtray etc.etc. It just go on and on.

It isn’t just how much the hope and change will cost or the waste of money they will spend, the higher taxes we will pay, shortages due to the doctors who will quit,  the needing to build more jails  and guards to hold the people who can not or refuse to pay the fine, no, the thing that will costs the most will be our freedoms.

It’s a shame that the liberals are so willing to sacrifice their kids and ours future just to get even with “the man.” The same man who give them jobs.

I believe if this does pass and  more people are out of work or maybe their mother is denied a life saving pill,  even more people sitting on the side lines will come out and together we will defeat the communists wannabes in power.


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  1. Ben Hoffman said, on September 26, 2009 at 10:54 pm

    Funny how those articles never have quotes from the bills that say what the authors claim. You right-wingers just love to complain.

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