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A Possible Reason Obama’s Numbers Go Up And Down

Posted in politics by roving on September 24, 2009

Rasmussen had Obama’s numbers as low as -11. Today Obama is at -5. Are people that dumb? No. They just can’t help it. Some will stand by Obama no matter what he does  because of his skin color.

Obama is constantly  in front of TV cameras. He even goes on the Letterman show.   Obama has no choice but to be in front of the camera. Yes, he loves the sound of his voice but if you really listen to him, Obama never actually answers a question put to him. Obama never really says a whole lot when giving speeches. “It’s just words.” Its how he uses those words and body language that keep his poll numbers from completely crashing.

During the campaign it was shown how Obama used his words and body language to put people under his spell.  Yes, most politicians do it but Obama  has the technique down to an art.  looking at some of the pictures of people listening to his speech’s during the campaign, they look like they are in a stupor. Some even fainting.

obama070423_1_560 Obama was often photographed as though  a light surrounded him giving the impression Obama was the Messiah. Some probably do believe he is the Messiah.

In order for his hypnosis  to continue to work, Obama has to be out there in front of the cameras as often as possible in order  to keep reinforcing his hypnotic suggestions on the people.

In a normal world, all the lies Obama has said, all the radical friends he has, the tax cheats he puts in his administration, his racism’s, bowing down to a king,  the continual bashing of the Untied States, dissing our military men and women, the putting us in the deepest debt in the history of the world, and the attacks on our personal freedoms would put Obama in the -20’s or lower.

Supporters of Obama are leaving in droves but but some are on the teetering point and Obama keeps drawing them back with his speeches.


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  1. Gayle said, on September 24, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    Wondered why he was showing up on the Food NetWork

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