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Its For The Children

Posted in politics by roving on September 23, 2009

Bit by bit, piece by piece we are slowly losing freedoms with the excuse of “its for the children.” After all, children are the number one priority.  Or so they want us to believe. I say poppy cock.

The only reason they use the children is because who would protest?  Everyone loves children. We don’t want any harm to come to them. We want them to be happy.

When I was one of the children,

I was able to ride my bike anywhere with no fear. Sometimes we would ride 15 miles away.

I walked about a mile to school every day.

I had a paper route that I delivered starting at age 12 till 15 6 days a week and I had to collect money from my customers which most times I did Thurs and Fri nights.

I bought candy and drank sodas

Went swimming in a pool with a high dive

Baled hay

Mowed yards

Made go-carts. (and crashed quite a few times)

Built forts.

Played cowboys and Indians with loaded BB guns, (no arguments about if we missed or not)

Climbed trees.

Played with fireworks.

Got into fights.

Got paddled a couple times by the principle.

Slept outside most every day in the summer.

Smoked cigarettes.

Drank beer.

Worked at the local factory at age 16 8hrs a day and 8hrs on Sat. in the summer. 4hrs a day during the school yr and 8hrs on Sat.

Worked in a slaughter house picking up the guts and such and cleaning the place.  (almost cut my pinky off though)

Shoveled walks.

0594120 Went into the Navy at age 17 and served aboard a Destroyer.

Well guess what? I’m still alive and kicking.

So how has all of the lets do it for children worked out? Well lets see…

A parent today sends their kid to school at their own risk. Will they be alive at the end of the day.

No respect for others.

More kids today have allergies because their bodies aren’t as immune because of all the sheltering.  My sisters kids are always sick.

Lazy. Kids expect things given to them. My son moaned because he had to a paper route that was only one day a week. Try finding a kid after a snow fall now.

Teen pregnancy is up.

Disrespecting teachers in class.

The dumbing down of children in school.

No longer needing to use their imagination.

The point is, kids are not better off. If anything, they are worse. The government uses the do it for the children for one purpose. To take away the adults rights and to make money. As in the sugar tax, tobacco taxes, etc. It has zero to do with children. Children will smoke regardless if they want to. The government can not make the children be perfect little beings. If anything the government does more harm then good by shielding them.

I for one am sick and tired of the  do it for the children nonsense and tell the truth. Your banning or raising taxes on xyz because we want your money and your rights.


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