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Was Cheney Being Sly?

Posted in politics by roving on September 18, 2009

Some  weird things happen When with Obama becoming president.

1. The Nancy Pelosi using two different certifications of eligibility.

2. Justice Roberts messed up the swearing in of Obama then had a do over in private.

3.  Cheney not following the constitution by asking if their were any objections during the electoral count.

Its almost like God or something trying to warn the people Obama is bad news.

To me, these among other things smelled like a cover-up. But what if they were on purpose. Not Nancy though. She knew Obama was ineligible to be president but didn’t care. He was her kind of guy. A Communist.

Dick Cheney, Vice President of the United States.

Now Cheney is not a dumb guy and he does love this country. He knows Obama isn’t eligible but because of Obama’s skin color he couldn’t really do a whole lot about it without being called a racists or maybe fearing bloodshed in the streets so just maybe he had purposely left out the part where he was supposed to call for any objections as it says in the constitution in the hopes it would be caught and brought to the peoples attention. Maybe it also helped him from feeling a little less guilty Who knows.

Well, lo and behold it just may have. The case of Barnett v.Obama. The DOJ motion to dismiss opened up just that subject. The DOJ quoted the Untied States Code  correctly about the process of objections being handed to the president of the senate but left out a very important part. The part where it states the President of the senate to call for objections after the count of the votes. (which Cheney DID NOT do)

more at naturalborncitizen and what he thinks about it.


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