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Shutdown Dealership Owners Have Standing

Posted in politics by roving on September 17, 2009

All the judges throw out cases against Obama by using the tiring excuse “No Standing.” All they are really doing is passing the buck. A person in the military who is being sent to a war zone and possibly being killed does have standing. I don’t think the judges have the guts to listen to the evidence for fear of having to make a decision.

The owners of car dealerships who are being forced to shut down are losing their livelihood.  Not only is it unconstitutional for appointing Czars, shutting down private businesses, taking over car companies, firing CEO’s, as reported months ago, it appears Obama mostly shut down car dealerships that contributed  to Republican.

Now here are people who are directly hurt by Obama. Some have lost businesses that were in their family for generations and made money. How can a judge say they haven’t been hurt by Obama?

Mr. Anderer is being forced out of his dealership and Leo Donofrio is interested in talking with him or any dealership owner who is being shut down. Mr. Donofrio has said before he would be willing to try again if he thought he had a good shot. Well, he just may have one this time around.


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  1. BABA said, on September 19, 2009 at 12:39 am

    I hope it goes well. It’s tragic how simple truth is being ignored. I probably wouldn’t be so against Obama if there weren’t so many falsehoods, hypocrisies and double-standards. All legal arguments aside, doesn’t common sense and basic human understanding require these records to be unsealed to know who the man is? So many people voted for this man and forced his hidden past on the public. Now it is an issue for more and more people every day. He and his supporters forced this problem on people like myself who just don’t give up so easily on simple truth. If there’s nothing to hide, ok. The available evidence I see points to ineligibility for Presidency, inappropriate foreign influence (Al-Mansour), and a false representation of his true thoughts and intentions for the country.

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