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Media, Talk Radio, Racist

Posted in politics by roving on September 10, 2009

Pick one, any one.

  • Original, vault copy birth certificate: Not released
  • Obama/Dunham marriage license: Not released (if one exists)
  • Obama/Dunham divorce: Not released (discovered by independent investigators)
  • Kindergarten records: Not released; School claims records are lost
  • Sotero/Dunham marriage license: Not released
  • Sotero adoption records: Not released
  • Fransiskus Assisi School application: Not released
  • Punahou School records: Not released
  • Sotoro/Dunham divorce: Not released
  • Selective Service Registration: Not released
  • Occidental College records: Not released
  • Passport: Not released
  • Columbia College records: Not released
  • Harvard College records: Not released
  • Harvard Law Review articles: None
  • Illinois Bar Records: Not released
  • Baptism certificate: None
  • Medical records: Not released
  • Illinois State Senate records: None
  • Illinois State Senate schedule: Lost
  • Law practice client list — Not released
  • University of Chicago scholarly articles: None

Pick one, any one and talk about it to your audience. Speculate why he refuses to release one. Bring in guests so they also could speculate. Keep bringing it up and demand Obama to release it.   The media and talk radio wont even do that. Why?

I feel they were threaten, or paid off but I also call them racists because if this were a white guy hiding all these records no way no how they would be silent about it.  They wont even mention the first thing Obama did after being sworn in was to sign a order sealing his records. Even the kooks at KOS would be having thread after thread about a white Republican candidate sealing all his records and demanding him to release them but because Obama is black, that is somehow different.

Media and talk radio have no problem going after white politicians when they are hiding things. (John Kerry comes to mind.)  Yet because Obama is black,  they can talk about everything But his sealed records. They wont even just pick one out of the list.

To me, that’s just plain racists.


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