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Gee. Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals Really Does Work!

Posted in politics by roving on September 6, 2009

Alinsky’s rules for radicals was used on Sarah Palin. All lies but it worked. using the rules, people actually believed she said she could see Russia from her back door. Even though it was a line from SNL where that actually came from. The media didn’t bother pointing that out.

Now Glen Beck has used the lefts rules against one of their own and boy are the liberals upset.  I enjoy going into sites like the Huffington Post and reading the comments. Its really humorous seeing their reaction to the rules being used against the self proclaimed communist green czar Van Jones. You would think they have never seen anything like it before.

I saw one actually comment they need to use “right wing  rules against them”  Uh, excuse me. The conservatives used YOUR rules.  Maybe its time they make up some new rules.

The Republicans are to nice. They need to get just as dirty as the Democrats and stop trying to appease them. It never works. What does work though is the Alinsky rules. It may be a dirty and scummy thing to do but the Democrats have been using it non stop since the campaign.

The ONLY reason Obama and the Dems want the Republicans to sign onto this health bill is because they know its going to be a huge failure and they want to be able to say well, its the Republicans fault to. I hope NO Republican votes yes. Let it ALL be on the Democrats heads when this all comes crashing down with even higher job loses, and waiting lines to see a doctor.

Obama wants czars to get around the constitution. None have been vetted. None have to answer to anyone but Obama.

Obama has over 30 czars. By a strange set of consequences,  my count of czars to go after next adds up to over 30.


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