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Enough With The Halos Already

Posted in politics by roving on September 5, 2009

ObamaHalo13 Obama may think he is a God in his own mind along with his supporters and the media but a God he isn’t.  There are so many pictures of Obama appearing to have a halo around him or around his head that it sure is no coincidence.

The halo pictures were getting pretty common during the election but they still continue? Why? You won. You can stop with the doctoring of photographs or taking shots to make it appear he has a halo around him.

We know Obama is conceited. That is pretty obvious. I wouldn’t doubt if he looked in a mirror every time he passed one.  Anyone who doesn’t stroke his ego gets thrown under the bus or he sends out his goons. Ask yourself, is that something Jesus would do? Would Jesus help his brother who was living in a hut surviving on $12 a year or just ignore him?

Obama 2008 When Obama actually lowers the seas like he said he would, then MAYBE he would deserve a halo. Until then, knock it off. Obama isn’t heaven material…


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