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McCain Threw The Election. There, I Said It

Posted in politics by roving on August 7, 2009

I don’t know of many people that were ecstatic over McCain running for president. I know I wasn’t. McCain is to wishy washy. The only thing I liked about him was his stance on wasting money on pork.

McCain could have easily have won the election if he would have just said these four words at every campaign stop: “Obama, release your records.” But he wouldn’t because he knew, just like they all knew. Obama would had dropped out or been kicked out.  Even Hillary wouldn’t go that far and if she wouldn’t, then you know something isn’t right.  She wanted to be president to bad.

Right out of gate during the campaign McCain was soft. He refused to call Obama by his full name and if anyone used Obama’s middle name McCain chastised them. McCain seemed to stick up more for Obama then Obama’s own people.  He refused to hit hard on Obama’s past relationships with America haters.

It had gotten so bad, people were begging him to do something. Go after Obama and go after him with everything. Obama has been crooked most of his life. It wouldn’t had taken much effort to bring him down. McCain refused. Meanwhile Obama goes after McCain. Middle finger and all.

When McCain brought in Sarah Palin, I don’t think he expected the reaction she received from the people. She energized them. SHE brought in the crowds. Not McCain. When I voted, I voted for two reasons. One, I saw Obama as the communist he was, and the other was Sarah Palin.

McCain saw his numbers go up with Sarah.  McCain had a problem. Sarah was in it to win. That wasn’t the plan.  What to do? Well…

He suspends his campaign to go vote for the bank bailout. KNOWING this is not what the people wanted.  He seen how powerful Sarah could be so he hides her for a couple weeks then sets her up for ambush interviews giving her his talking points. He couldn’t have Sarah speaking for Sarah. That would only get the people even more excited. His own people started stabbing her in the back.

This isn’t when I thought to myself, this man is intentionally try to lose. That thought came over me during one of his campaign stops in Minnesota when he told a fearful crowd “ I admire Obama and his accomplishments and I will respect him. He is a decent person, and a person that you do not have to be scared as President of the United States.

That is when it hit me. McCain is not trying to win. What bothers me is why? Who is Obama? Is there someone behind the scenes who decided Obama was going to be president and we need someone to throw to the American people to run against Obama but not so hard that this person actually wins? I mean, come on, look at Obama. Hes dumber then a box of rocks. He can’t talk about anything without  someone feeding him the lines.

Obama broke laws during the campaign. Many laws.  He tried to stifle free speech, he committed the Logan act almost a half dozen times, he received illegal campaign donations, vote fraud,  and went after private citizens because they dared to speak their mind. Yet not one thing was done. Nada. they did try and go after McCain’s campaign finances though even though he reported everything.

If there were a recount of votes, Obama may have or may have not won but it would had been closer then what the final tally was.

The way I feel is this whole thing was a set up from the start. McCain should of easily beaten Obama even with the media on Obama’s side.

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  1. Sebastian said, on August 8, 2009 at 3:35 am

    I couldn’t agree more with all of what you wrote!!!

    From the second Obama announced he would run, the media started to work FOR him and AGAINST everyone else. It is truly insane what went on, and what you say for Hillary is true also, why on earth didn’t she go after him, there was sooo much there there!!!
    And McCain standing up for this guy!! I couldn’t believe my eyes! And I’m a democrat!!!

    About the birther thing, people in the media are saying(and several republicans, like huckabee) that if there was every any there there with regards to the birth issue, Hillary would have found it and used it a long time ago. well….. looking at her actions during the campaign, you could tell she was holding back as well, and what/who could have gotten to the Clintons??? I don’t get it. Like you say, it seems almost like someone decided the outcome of this election from the start, and everyone just had to play it out.

    Even though I’ll give credit to Hillary(she was and still is my girl) she did work hard to try and win without going dirty! And she almost did, hadn’t the others(with major help from the MSM) played dirty. It seemed she scared them a bit by almost doing it on her own… oh well, I almost suspect she caved in because “they” promised her she could run and win in 2012, and only give obama a one term deal…

    One other point, Obamacamp used racism for what it was worth!!! Any criticism of him was met with a big cry of racism. And it goes to show that sexism is alive and well also.
    Some, like Geraldine Ferraro said that she didn’t think we would be talking about Obama if he wasn’t black!(and she was right).

    I only wished she had said we wouldn’t be talking about him if he was a woman! Let alone a black woman! THEN people would have been talking about the lack of experience and no accomplishments!!! But that never really took on, because he was a he! But Hillary was accused of not having enough experience,(excuse me, but how is it that someone(obama) can get credit for saying that someone, who obviously is more experienced than him(Hillary/Palin) does not have the RIGHT experience, but he who has NO experience at all, is RIGHT for the job?? that one still puzzles me).
    No, there is just nothing from this last election that makes sense…..

    Sorry for a long post, but you got me worked up by getting me to think about all of this again! hehe.
    I’ve been reading your blog for months, keep up the good work!

    Sebastian (democrat no more, an independent supporter of Hillary and Palin)

    Ps. wheres the birth certificate?

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