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Why Must I Pay For Overweight People?

Posted in politics by roving on July 30, 2009

I smoke. Not like I used to now that I have the electronic cigarette. (although the FDA wants to ban them due to loss tax revenue from tobacco) Perfume is next on the hit list.

Smokers are taxed through the wazoo. The government claims smokers endanger others and themselves so every chance they get, they ban the smoking in more and more places and raise the tax on them. They also claim smokers become a drain on the health care system yet does anyone know of a smoker getting free medical care now that there is extra money going towards medical care?

If they truly cared about the smokers they would give away money to smokers for stop smoking products and treatment. Since the smokers are supposedly adding all this money going towards health care then any smoker who gets cancer should be able to draw from this fund for free medial care.

Now there is a talk of a sugar tax. They are saying it causes health problems and is becoming a drain on our health care system.

I for one, rarely see a overweight person drinking a sugar drink. Oddly, most over weight people drink sugar free soda.  Maybe if they switched to non diet soda it would help lose weight?  I drink quite a bit of soda and never had a weight problem.

I have no problem with overweight people but I wonder how many jumped with glee over the soaking of smokers. Putting them down and blaming them for all the health problems in this world. It was only a matter of time before it was “their turn”. I just don’t like the idea of us all being punished because of them.

If the government wants to punish another segment of or society for a “bad habit”  they need to do it like they did it to the smokers. Not all of us are over weight so why should we have to pay for the ones who are?  Maybe have a overweight tax taken out of their paycheck until they get down the a “acceptable level” Or higher insurance premiums.

Or they could take up smoking to lose some of that weight.

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