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A Republican Win In 2010 Could Be bad

Posted in politics by roving on July 29, 2009

When the Democrats took power in 2007 the economy started to slowly take a dive. People blame Bush but its the house and senate that have the real power. It was the Democrats who caused the failure of the banks and housing markets which in turn caused the crash of the market.  Obama PERSONALLY was involved in this crash.

Everything was going fine for the Republicans. Jobs were plentiful. I know I was having overtime the whole time the Republicans were in power. But, the Republicans lost their way and started acting like Democrats by spending and spending.

The overtime slowly went away when the Democrats took over the house and senate. Now, thanks to them 75% of the people of my plant are laid off.  If it wasn’t for the place I work being family owned, I doubt they would still be open. But, they are trying to hang on.

The economy is going down the toilet.  The Democrats answer is higher taxes. When the Bush’s tax cuts expire, look for even more layoffs and plant closings.

Obama sees nothing is working yet continues doing it. Months ago I said Obama is purposely tanking the economy and now its obvious.

There is a backlash beginning against Obama and the Democrats. This is good but also bad. The Democrats are getting worried about being re-elected.  They were drunk from the power.  Its been so long they had this much power and the people had forgotten what a Democrat believe in. More taxes, big government, more spending, and less freedoms for all.

The good news is, if the Democrats are thrown out the brakes can be put on some of spending. (if they have learned their lesson)

The bad news is, if the Republicans can clean up the Democrats mess, Obama will get the credit.

Weird how that works. Bush got all the blame yet the Democrats were the ones calling the shots.  If the Republican senate  can clean up Obama’s mess, Obama will get the credit.

If Obama gets the credit, he may have a shot at 2012. So I’m torn. I want the Republicans to win, yet I dont because I want obama to fail so bad he will become a joke to the whole world and maybe go back to Kenya where he belongs.


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