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Sound Like Anyone You Know?

Posted in politics by roving on July 26, 2009

Ever been to a website that has a story about Sarah Palin then look at the comments?  Here are a few examples. This was from a story on how Palin’s resignation and what she will do now.


Wow. If the fanatical conservatives truly believe this woman will be embraced by the majority of American voters, it simply reconfirms my belief that they are completely out of touch with reality.

She’s all talk, no substance.

Palin is as self-absorbed and as self-serving as they come, and yet I’m sure she’ll never be fully discredited. There will always be a certain element who worship at her temple. The majority of voters will not.



Elizabeth, Catherine, Maggie and now… Palin.

That’s precisely the problem with GOPers: they think Palin is a political woman of substance, intelligence, vision. Good luck with that thought!



You kind of like how she hits back?? To compare Palin and her team with Clinton / Carville is truly laughable! Palin lacks the simple intelligence let alone command of the English language and ability to string a sentence together on the fly!



The problem for Sarah Palin going forward is that no matter how many articles are written by people like Mr. Batchelor (a republican/libertarian/conservative independent/whatever) most of the American public (THANK GOD) are wise to the fact that she is a total idiot. All of this talk about her being this “natural political talent” is all hype. She has absolutely no substance to her at all. She’s all style and looks. Period.


This goes on and on. If you took away the name Sarah Palin, you could swear they are   describing their bozo in chief Obama down to a tee.  One of the DUMBEST Presidents this country has ever see.  You take away his Teleprompter and watch the dimwit have a meltdown.


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